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What’s the Difference Between 24 Month and 2T Size Clothes?

If you have a two year old, or a child that is close to that age, you will probably be looking for clothing with a 24 month size tag…. Or will you be looking for clothing with a 2T size tag? The truth is, both seem like they could work. After all, if your child is 24 months, aren’t they in fact 2?

The dilemma of whether to buy a size 2T or a size 24 months for a child is one that has plagued parents for years. Fortunately, we have written this article to provide you with the answers you need. Read on to find out more.

The Department You Find Clothing In

kids clothing department store

Most children’s clothing stores will have separate departments for toddlers and babies. The 24 month size will be in the baby department while the 2T size will be in the toddler department. Where you should be looking will be based on what development stage your child is at in terms of walking, potty training, and other related areas.

The Cut Will Accommodate the Movement

Clothing for toddlers for crawling

Now let’s look at some development factors that come into play in the 24 months vs. 2T dilemma.

If your child is still in the baby stage, they will roll around, cruise and crawl. They also probably haven’t completely grown out of that round, pudgy physique.

24 month clothing is better suited to these children. The cut will be rounder and they will have snaps under the crotch that will keep diapers from moving around when the baby crawls.

If you’re wondering, what size does 2T mean, this clothing will be more fitted to suit a child that is beginning to grow out of their baby fat. These babies are more mobile on their feet and they won’t need clothing that allows for crawling movement. Items may also be longer to suit a slightly taller child who does not need a fitted crotch.

How is Potty Training Going?

potty training

Most children start to potty train around the age of two. Some children may be ready to move on from diapers while others will need protection in case of accidents.

24 month clothing will have plenty of room around the bottom to accommodate a diaper. It will also have snaps that keep the diaper from moving around and provide easy access during changes.

When considering ‘what size is 2T’, children moving on to the toddler stage will be wearing pull down pants. These are great for little ones that are training as it still allows parents access in case of accidents but it lets children know they are ready for big kid clothing. This is great for encouraging them to continue using the toilet.

It’s All About the Look

what does 2t size mean

Baby clothes tend to have cute images on them like baby animals, rainbows and toys.  They usually come in soft pastel colors like blue, green, pink and yellow.

As babies grow into the toddler phase, their clothing styles start to become a little more sophisticated. They start growing into the fashionistas they soon will be.

24 month clothing is more baby-like in its designs and styles while 2T size clothing is better suited for slightly older children.

Consider Each Brand Separately

clothing brands for girls

One more thing to consider is that every baby clothing company has different ideas of 24 months vs. 2t is and the may size differently for each.

The general consensus is that babies that are ready for a 2T size will be slightly taller and will weigh a bit more while 24 month babies are smaller and weigh less. 24 month clothing will also be made to fit children that are coming up on the 24 month mark (18 -24 months) while 2T should accommodate children 2-3 years old.

For example, Carters’ size 24 months is designed for a baby that’s 32.5 and 34 inches tall and weighs between 27.5 and 30 lbs. Their 2T size is for babies that are between 34.5 and 36 inches tall and weigh between 29 and 31 lbs.

However, other companies, like Gerbers, don’t have any difference in their 24 month and 2T sizes.

Fortunately, most companies have sizing that is similar to Carters. That is to say, babies that are in the low 30 inch range and weigh just under 30 lbs. will fit  into 24 month size and slightly taller, heavier babies will fall into the 2T size range.

However, every company is different so it’s a good idea to find out about the company’s sizing policies before making a purchase. After all, most stores don’t have fitting rooms for babies. Not finding out sizing information in advance can be a major inconvenience for busy parents!


So, to sum it all up, the 24 months vs. 2t dilemma is real and there is a difference in the two sizes. The one you choose will depend on how far along your child is in the developmental process when considering their growth rate, their mobility and whether or not they are still in diapers.

However, if in doubt, it is always best to opt for the 2T size. After all, it’s better to buy clothing that your baby will eventually fit into as opposed to items that are too small.

Hopefully, this article has given you enough information to keep you from going crazy when shopping for clothes for your 2 year old. Now, which size do you think is best suited for your little one?