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What is a Diaper Raffle? Step By Step Instructions

Have you ever heard your friends talking about a diaper raffle and wondered what one is? If you want to know what a diaper raffle is, look no further! We share everything you need to know about diaper raffles in this article.

Whether you have a baby shower coming up in the diary or a gender reveal party, we have all the information you need to know, so you know exactly what a diaper raffle is before the main event. 

What is a diaper raffle

What Is A Diaper Raffle?

A diaper raffle is a game played at baby showers, baby sprinkles and baby gender reveal parties.

Diaper raffles help parents-to-be to get a whole load of diapers before their baby has even arrived and the raffles are a fun way to get everyone involved and having fun during the baby shower. 

Not all expectant moms have a diaper raffle at their baby shower, but they probably should! Diaper raffles are an easy way for parents to start stocking up on diapers, without having to spend a single dollar.

Why Have A Diaper Raffle?

There are several reasons why parents-to-be decide to host a diaper raffle at their baby shower or gender reveal party. Here is a list of reasons to have a diaper raffle:

Save money

All babies need diapers and if you are using disposables, they will need a lot of diapers! You can honestly never have too many diapers and they are not cheap.

A diaper raffle will help new parents to save money on this essential baby item, guests buy the diapers and the parents can save some money. 

Save trips to the store

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There really is nothing worse than your baby waking in the night needing a diaper change, you reach into the diaper caddy and it is empty.

Middle-of-the-night panics and trips to the store when you are sleep-deprived will not be necessary if you have a big stockpile of diapers already at home.

Diaper raffles mean parents will have lots of packets ready and waiting at home when their baby arrives. 

A chance to try different brands

You don’t have to specify what diaper brands you want to use on your diaper raffle invite.

Leaving the brand choice up to your guests will give you the chance to try lots of different diaper brands before settling on your favorite. You may have never thought about using plant-based diapers, for example. 

Stock up on a variety of sizes

You can suggest in the details for your diaper raffle that guests purchase any size of diaper they would like. If you have a good range of diaper sizes ready at home, you don’t have to worry about rushing to the store if your baby has become too big for its usual size. 

A conversation starter

It is not always a guarantee that all of your baby shower guests will know each other.

You may have friends and family coming but also colleagues and maybe a friend from your pregnancy yoga class or someone you met in college who no one else knows.

A diaper raffle is a great way to encourage your baby event guests to mingle and start conversations. 

A fun activity

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Baby showers are lots of fun and there are several fun games for guests to play. Diaper raffles are fun, useful for the parents-to-be, and are an exciting easy way to fill some time during your event.

Your guests will be excited about potentially winning a prize, or adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your special day. 

How Does A Diaper Raffle Work?

Have you heard on the grapevine that your friend will be having a diaper raffle at her baby shower and you’re wondering, how does a diaper raffle work? Don’t panic, we have all the answers for you here. 

The idea of a diaper raffle is fairly straightforward. The main aim of a diaper raffle is for expectant parents to get as many diapers as possible, all thanks to their generous baby shower guests.

Don’t worry though, the guests don’t have to leave empty-handed. Every guest who brings a packet of diapers (or cloth diapers/baby wipes) will receive a raffle ticket and be entered into the prize draw. 

How Do You Play The Diaper Raffle Game? – Step By Step Instructions

If you are planning a diaper raffle or have been invited along to a baby shower, here is our step-by-step guide to a successful diaper raffle.

1. Send invites

A diaper raffle will only be a success if your baby shower guests know that it’s happening. When you send out your event invitations to friends and family, be sure to include information about the diaper raffle. 

Some people like to write funny little poems to announce the diaper raffles, others use rhymes that can be found online. You can share the information however you like, you can be creative or just provide basic instructions.

The most important thing is that your guests know about the diaper raffle before the big day, the raffle can only go ahead if your guests provide the diapers, after all. 

2. Specify what diapers you want (if you have a preference)

folded cloth diapers

If you want to use cloth diapers, be sure to put this information on your diaper raffle invites. If you have already stocked up on newborn size diapers, ask your guests to bring packets of bigger diapers along for the raffle. 

Diaper raffles can be a great way for new parents to test out lots of different diaper brands during the newborn days, before settling on a favorite brand.

However, if you really want to use organic diapers or cloth diapers or maybe used Pampers with your first baby and they remain your favorite brand.

Don’t feel embarrassed about expressing your wishes to your guests. After all, your friends and family will want the diapers they buy to go to good use. 

3. Purchase a prize

You can’t invite people to participate in a raffle if there are no prizes. You need to decide how many prizes there will be and then purchase the prizes before the big day.

There are many ideas for diaper raffle prizes and you can go as big or small as you like. Don’t feel like you have to break the bank buying a prize for your diaper raffle, just try and choose something your guests will appreciate and enjoy.

Be sure to read to the end of this article for lots of ideas on what makes a good prize for a diaper raffle. 

4. Organise your raffle tickets

Every guest that brings a packet of diapers (or other diapering product) will need a ticket to be entered into the prize draw. You can buy raffle books online, or you can get creative and make your own tickets.

You will also need a pen and paper on the day to keep track of ticket numbers and names, and to keep count of how many packets of diapers each guest brings (more diapers = more raffle tickets). 

5. Set up your diaper raffle table

On the day of your baby shower, baby sprinkle or gender reveal party, you will need to set up a table for your diaper raffle. On your raffle table you will need:

  • a bowl for the raffle tickets 
  • a pen and paper to note down guest names and ticket numbers 
  • the diaper raffle prize (or prizes) 
  • space for guests to put their diaper gifts 

You may also want to decorate your diaper raffle table to match the color and theme of your baby event. You could put balloons on the table or hang bunting around the edges. 

6. Draw the tickets

Once all the guests have arrived and provided their contributions to the diaper raffle, you can then begin the prize draw. Some people like to keep the diaper raffle until the end of the baby shower and others do it right at the start.

It is up to you when you draw the tickets for your diaper raffle, just let your guests know so they can get excited and have their tickets at the ready.

It really is that simple to host a fun and successful diaper raffle. 

What’s A Good Prize For A Diaper Raffle?

Your guests will be more than happy to buy you diapers for the diaper raffle. After all, everyone knows that babies get through hundreds of diapers and new parents can never have too many. However, you want to thank them for their kindness make sure you have a really great prize for the winner of the diaper raffle. 

It is up to you whether you have one prize or lots of smaller prizes. More prizes means more happy guests but one prize makes it more exciting. 

Is your baby shower approaching and you still don’t know what to buy for your diaper raffle prize? If you are stuck for diaper raffle prize ideas, here is a list for some inspiration: 

Gift cards

This could be for a clothes store, an electronics store, the movie theatre, a restaurant, or a coffee shop (and that’s only a few ideas!). 

Pamper hamper

Examples of items you can include: nail varnish, face packs, hair mask, luxurious bubble bath, and wine.

Basket of baked goods

If you have the time you could make muffins or cookies. Alternatively, why not order some yummy baked goods from your favorite bakery?


It might seem unfair gifting your guests alcohol while you have spent nine months sober, but a bottle of something fizzy usually makes a great gift. Don’t just grab the cheapest bottle of red from the store, buy something a little fancy, a bottle of wine that will be a prize people want to win. 

Themed gift baskets

Gift baskets make for a lovely prize and you can choose a theme and get creative with the contents. You could make a Movie Night gift basket and include popcorn, candy, a gift card for the movie theatre, or a DVD.

Or you could make a Date Night basket and include a nice bottle of wine, chocolates, a scented candle, and a gift voucher for a restaurant or take-out service. 

Whatever prize you choose, just stop to think is it something you would be excited to win yourself? You want to make the diaper raffle as exciting as possible. to entice as many of your guests as you can to get involved.

The Final Thought

Diaper raffles are a fun addition to any baby shower, baby sprinkle or gender reveal party. Hosting a diaper raffle is easy and they are a great way to get lots of diapers before your baby arrives.

Diaper raffle prizes can be big or small and the more diapers a guest brings, the more chance they have at winning. If you have a baby shower coming up, we hope this article has answered all of your diaper raffle questions.

If you are hosting a diaper raffle, we hope it is a big success and hope this article has helped you to prepare.