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Is ABC Mouse For 2-Year-Olds? What Age Is It Best Suited For?

As technology continues to contribute more and more to the learning environment, more companies are promoting their online, educational games.

These games help children learn about various subjects, like math, art, and science. They are both fun and educational. One of the most popular options is ABCmouse. 

What Is ABC Mouse?

ABCmouse is an interactive website that is designed with kids in mind. They can navigate the website, and learn a lot in the process.

Instead of focusing on one sole subject, ABCmouse offers games and activities for most of the subjects that children will be exposed to in school. For example, children can learn about math, reading, social studies, and art. 

ABCmouse stands out from the rest because it is designed for ages 2-13. There are programs specifically for toddlers, and a separate section to make learning fun for pre-teens. 

Parents can purchase a subscription that allows them to log in through the website. Once logged in, their children can explore various learning activities, and learn at their own pace. 

What Age Is ABC Mouse Best For?

ABCmouse is recommended for children ages 2-8. This seems like such a large age range, it can be understood that parents might have some doubts. 

However, you also need to consider that there are over 8,000 things to do on ABCmouse. Activities range from games to videos of songs. There really is something for everyone on ABCmouse. 

There is another section of ABCmouse that is called Adventure Academy. This is geared for children ages 8-13. It provides additional assistance in subjects like reading, math, and science.

The goal of making learning fun is continued but is a bit more complex to make sure that children in the older age range continue to be entertained as they learn. 

ABC Mouse Pros And Cons

ABCmouse instantly grabs your attention because it’s educational for children, has a homeschool curriculum and it offers so much for such a low price.

It’s difficult not to be intrigued. Before you hit the buy now button, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of ABCmouse. 

Advantages Of ABC Mouse

There are some advantages to using a program like ABC mouse that kids are definitely going to benefit from. It’s important you consider these and determine whether they will apply to your little one before you take the plunge.

ABC Mouse Helps Children Learn To Use Technology

Children are getting their own IPads in kindergarten now. I didn’t purchase one for my daughter. Her school sent them home. They use the apps they like for the children, like Starfall, as educational tools in the classroom.

With so many children being exposed to things like this during their first years of school, you don’t want them to be behind the curve when it comes to technology. 

Programs Like This Make Learning Fun

While some parents will argue that all the children do is play games, you also need to consider the educational component that comes along with it.

Programs like ABC Mouse use games and fun things to entice children to learn. While they might be playing games, they are also working on their fine motor skills and learning about things like the alphabet. 

The First Month Is Free

If you’re on the fence about ABCmouse, you can always try it free for a month. If you’re not happy with your subscription or find that it’s not right for your kids, you can cancel your membership instead of continuing it. 

Kids Love It

When parents were listing their own personal pros and cons of ABCmouse, one of the most common pros was that the kids loved it. They enjoy picking out an avatar, dressing it, and playing the games.

Children work at things on their own level, so they’re less likely to get frustrated. Instead, you’ll find that your little ones will more than likely love it. 

It Reads The Directions To Your Children

I think we’ve all gotten used to reading directions to children when it comes to everything, including learning games. ABCmouse makes it much easier for parents because it does that for you.

Your kids can happily sit and play ABCmouse without you having to do it with them. It not only makes it a little bit easier on parents, but it also helps encourage independence in children. 

Disadvantages Of ABC Mouse

While it’s important to note those advantages, you definitely need to pay attention to the disadvantages as well.

There are quite a few problems that various parents have had with ABCmouse that you’ll want to be on the lookout for if you plan to give this a try. 

Billing Problems After Cancelling

Several parents have reported that they were still charged after canceling their subscription.

There are reports that they have pushed through debit card payments for expired debit cards or that bank accounts have been charged triple for monthly payments.

While this isn’t something every parent experiences, you should definitely keep an eye on your card to make sure that there are no problems. 

If you do plan to cancel your membership, you can contact your bank. Your bank can prevent them from withdrawing the money from your account.

Parents that are concerned can contact their bank as soon as they cancel their membership to make sure that they are not charged again. 

Lack Of Diversity

Other parents reported that they canceled their subscriptions because there was not enough diversity. They stated that some videos only had white children, which wasn’t something they wanted for their kids to have to deal with.

Simultaneously, the same method wasn’t seen in other races. For example, there are not any videos that only contain Mexican or African American children. 

Gender Stereotypes Are Also Common 

Some mothers and fathers have refused to allow their children to play on ABCmouse due to the outdated gender stereotypes. While the boys are playing, the girls are cooking.

Children can go shopping in a boy store or a girl store where items are also stereotyped. For example, boys are not allowed to wear leggings. Those with a girl avatar might notice that the girls are only allowed certain hairstyles.

This is similar to how things are seen in a department store, so some parents might not object. However, you’ll need to consider whether you want your children to be exposed to more stereotypes than they already are. 

There Is A Lot Of Repetition

Whether this will bother your child or not greatly depends on your child. Some children prefer familiar things and repetition, such as doing the same puzzle over and over again.

Other kids might prefer more variety. If your child prefers more variety and gets bored easily, they might not stay entertained with ABCmouse for long. 

The Girls Might Still Have Revealing Clothing

One parent noted that the girls in certain videos were wearing revealing clothing. They complained that the girls were wearing tops that looked more like bras, which isn’t something we want our children exposed to.

If you’re against your daughter wearing clothing of that nature, it’s important to pay attention to the clothing during your free trial. 

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No Refunds

If you’re not one to read the refund policy from companies, you’ll want to make a mental note that there are no refunds offered for ABCmouse.

That means if you order a one-year subscription and attempt to get a refund one day later, it’s not going to happen. It clearly states in the refund policy that there are no refunds. 

It Doesn’t Focus On One Particular Subject

Children that need tutoring in a certain subject might not benefit from programs like ABCmouse as much as you would think. This is because there are so many different things for children to do.

Your little one might need help with reading, but spend most of their time playing art or science games instead.

If you’re looking for educational options to tutor your little one in one subject, you’ll want to look into programs like Homer that focus on those subjects. 

Personal Opinion

I have looked into ABCmouse among other options for my littlest. She really likes her iPad and loves to play games so it makes sense that she would love something like ABCmouse. 

However, I decided against it. It wasn’t because of the negative reviews, though. I figured if there was still clothing I would not want my daughter to wear I could use those videos as teaching moments for my little one.

I also planned on instantly calling my bank if I chose to cancel my subscription. 

Instead, I opted for more traditional things instead. My littlest instantly gravitates towards technology, and I know she’ll do the same thing with programs like ABCmouse.

Personally, I prefer to spend more time with her and read to her. She has a shelf or two dedicated to her art supplies. I simply prefer that type of play with technology and games as an occasional substitute.

As soon as I get a subscription to something like ABCmouse, it’ll be a fight to pull her away from it. Instead, we get Montessori toys for learning. 

If your little one isn’t going to fight you every minute of the day when you want them to play with toys, and you can use ABCmouse as a substitute or to help your child reach an educational goal, it’s a great idea.

However, you want to make sure you keep an eye out for billing problems. 


If you’re just now learning about ABCmouse, you’re bound to have a few questions. They’ve made some changes over the years, so you might be walking into a few new things.

Older blogs also offer outdated information that doesn’t take those changes into account, such as it no longer having a free section.

(There used to be a portion of the website that was free for parents, and then a paid part that you could only access if you had a subscription. The free part of the website is no longer available for parents.)

Can I get ABCmouse for free?

Yes and no. You can no longer get free access to ABCmouse as a parent. However, they do occasionally run a special that is for one free month if you’re a new subscriber.

Teachers can also access ABCmouse for free. They do occasionally pass this login information on to students, so you can work with your child at home for free. 

How much does ABCmouse cost?

New subscribers can enjoy the first month of ABCmouse for free. After that, your subscription will automatically renew at 9.95 per month.

There are also yearly subscriptions available. These are typically offered at a discount rate of almost half off of the monthly rate. Teachers can utilize ABCmouse for free. 

Can I give ABCmouse as a gift?

Yes, you can! Gift purchases are not available on a monthly basis and do not automatically renew. You can purchase the gift of ABCmouse in a one-year subscription or a two-year one.

After your purchase, you’ll be able to either print or email the information for your present. If you are giving this as a present for a holiday or birthday, consider printing out the information so that you can put it inside of a card. 

Can a 2-year-old use ABC Mouse?

Yes, this is the youngest age that ABC Mouse is recommended for. Children start out games on their own level, so your toddler won’t be confused. There are also paint and art programs.

Educational videos and songs can help lay a good foundation for them to develop a love for learning that can help them succeed in school later in life. 

Which is better ABC Mouse or Homer?

That depends on what you are looking for. ABCmouse is wonderful for ages 2-8. It offers activities for children in math, science, and reading.

Homer also offers a lot of educational material and games but focuses on reading. If your child needs a lot of extra help in reading, Homer is the way to go. If you’re looking for a broader educational option, you’ll enjoy ABCmouse. 

In Conclusion

ABCmouse has plenty of good things and bad things. It’s important for you to look at both the pros and cons before deciding what is right for your family. If you plan to cancel a subscription, make sure you keep an eye on your bank account.