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Is a Vibrating Bassinet Safe for Babies and Infants?

Vibrating bassinets are all the rage in the world of baby things. The soothing vibrations that used to only be found in bouncer seats can now provide your little one with the same calming sensations to help them drift away into a peaceful sleep.

This also raises the question of ‘is vibration bad for babies?’ It’s always important to do your research, even on new products, to make sure that they’re safe. 

Is Vibration Bad For Babies?

There’s a common myth that vibrations are bad for babies. Some people say that this is because it shakes their head around too much.

Due to the vibration of the brain, the baby will wind up with something similar to the shaken baby syndrome. However, this is false. Vibration isn’t bad for your little one. In fact, it can be soothing. 

Vibration Can Be Soothing

For nine months, babies are rocked and occasionally jolted while they’re in your womb. Then, they’re thrust into a world that expects them to relax while being perfectly still.

Obviously, this isn’t going to make a baby very happy! For some babies, the transition is a slow one that requires rocking or soothing vibrations to fall asleep. This is perfectly normal as babies are constantly moving while they are in the womb. 

Opt For A Bouncer With Music And Vibrations To Help Soothe

Some bassinets and bouncy seats have both vibrations for baby and soothing music to help your baby fall asleep. It isn’t recommended for children to fall asleep in bouncy seats, but this can help them fall asleep before being moved to their bed.

Vibrating bouncer seats can also soothe a fussy baby in mere minutes! This bouncy seat is one of the cheapest vibrating bouncy seats on the market!

Leaving Your Little One To Sleep In A Bouncy Seat Is Dangerous

While it can be tempting to let your baby sleep in a bouncy seat instead of risking waking them up, this can be dangerous. Newborn babies don’t have the head and neck strength to fully support their head yet.

Because of this, their neck tends to slouch down more, putting pressure on the throat and airways. This greatly increases the risk that they’ll die due to asphyxia (death by suffocation.)

Infants risk being cut off of oxygen when the airway becomes completely obstructed as their neck continues to slouch down because they don’t have the muscles to hold it up. 

Letting your little one fall asleep in a bouncy seat because the vibrations are comforting is fine. However, it’s important to move your baby to a safe sleep area soon afterward.

baby in a bouncey seat

Sitting Bouncy Seats On Tables, Etc. Is Dangerous

It’s important to remember that sitting a bouncy seat on a table, washer, or other higher surface can be dangerous. When it’s vibrating, it increases the level of danger.

This is because the vibrations can cause the seat to slowly move, resulting in it falling onto the floor.

Babies can still suffer serious injuries from a fall like this if they’re strapped into the seat properly. Instead, make sure the seat is placed on a level floor. 

Vibrating Bassinets

Vibrating bassinets provide a nice alternative for parents that don’t want their little one to have to be moved into their bed after falling asleep in a bouncy seat. They instantly eliminate this hassle.

All parents have to do is flip a switch to transport their baby into soothing heaven that helps them instantly fall to sleep. These bassinets usually vary in price, but there are some extremely affordable ones available.

We picked up this one for the grandbaby when he came home: 

This can be a bit pricey for those that have already purchased a bassinet, though. If you picked one up without vibrations and have found yourself regretting it, don’t worry.

You can transform your little one’s bassinet into one with soothing vibrations with a vibrating insert. These fit conveniently under the mattress.

Most of them are flat so the baby won’t be uncomfortable yet they still get to enjoy being soothed peacefully to sleep. 

Pros Vs. Cons Of Vibrating Bassinets

is vibration bad for babies

Vibrating bassinets are a luxury that many parents enjoy. There’s nothing like having the convenience of pushing a button and your baby instantly feeling better.

Some are Bluetooth enabled so that you can instantly make them vibrate without having to set foot in the nursery! There are plenty of good and bad things to consider before picking up the latest vibrating bassinet. 

Pros Of Vibrating Bassinets

There are a lot of advantages to picking up a vibrating bassinet. Most parents find them convenient, they can be affordable, and there are plenty of options available. 

Affordable Options

Some bassinets on the market are close to $200. That can be a bit pricey when you consider that a standard bassinet can be as low as $30 at your local department store.

However, there are more affordable options available. You simply have to shop around to find them, which is the time-consuming part. 

If that’s not an option, a cheaper vibrating pad can be ordered. This might not be as convenient as a Bluetooth enabled bassinet, but it’ll get the job done. 

Hands-Free Soothing

We spend the majority of the time with our children holding them. While this is wonderful for both us and our babies, it leaves little time to get other things done.

If you’re at the point that you have to get caught up on housework or do the laundry, it can be nice to push a button and let the vibrations soothe your little one while you get some things done. 

This also eliminates the possibility that your baby will be dependent on you holding them to fall asleep, as can happen when you hold them to soothe them when they’re tired.

In the beginning, this often seems harmless, and it won’t harm your baby. As time goes on, you’ll quickly discover that your little one can instead be relying on you holding them to fall asleep instead of learning how to fall asleep on their own. 

Limited Options

Most bassinets that come with convenient features, such as a shelf underneath, mobile, night light, and music, also come with a vibration option.

However, there are limited options when it comes to vibrating bassinets. You might not be able to find the one that you want with this feature. 

Cons Of Vibrating Bassinets

Vibrating bassinets will always have their advantages, but there are a few disadvantages that you need to be aware of as well. Keeping both the pros and cons in mind will help you make an informed decision regarding which bassinet you choose. 

mother shopping for cribs

More Expensive Than Other Bassinets

If you’re searching for a vibrating bassinet or some type of vibration for baby bed, you’ll quickly discover that you have to spend more money than you would if you were willing to forego the vibrations.

Bassinets that come with a vibrate option often offer more soothing features, such as a mobile, which is going to cost extra as well.  If you’re searching for a vibrating pad for the bassinet you already have, that still results in you spending extra money.

When considering whether you’d like a vibrate option, take a good look at your budget first to make sure that there’s room for it. 

Babies Can Get Used To Falling Asleep To The Vibration

While it can be nice to have some extra free time because you don’t spend hours rocking a little one to sleep because they never get used to it, this can turn into your baby becoming dependent on the vibrations of the bassinet to fall asleep.

To avoid this, turn off the vibration right after your little one falls asleep or when they are almost asleep. This encourages them to fall asleep on their own. 

This can also make the transition from a bassinet to a crib easier. Most cribs don’t have a vibrating mattress, so your little one will have to adjust.

If they still need a little extra help falling asleep after the move or if you’d like to wean them off of, you can check out vibrating pads that are available to place under a mattress, like this one: 

Should You Use A Vibrating Bassinet?

These are completely safe! If your baby likes the soothing feel of vibrations to fall asleep, a vibrating bassinet will help both of you sleep better at night.

Make sure that you follow safety precautions for vibrating bouncer seats, and your little one will be just fine! Don’t forget to wean them off as they outgrow their bassinet, though!