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How To Comment on Cute Baby Photos & Compliment Babies

It seems that once you reach a certain stage in your life everyone that you know is having a baby. With that baby boom comes an influx of baby photos.

But what do you comment on those photos and how do you compliment the baby. Let’s be honest newborn babies are for the most part, not the best looking little creatures in the world so knowing the right thing to say can sometimes be tricky.

How To Comment on Cute Baby Photos & Compliment Babies

Here you can find a guide to the dos and don’ts of commenting on baby photos.

Facebook And Instagram – What To Say

Social media is a great way to share those first photos of your new baby and to share with family and friends that do not live close enough for regular visits. 

But what you must remember when you comment on a photo on Facebook or Instagram is that it is not a private message and will be seen by the public eyes.

The best advice is to keep your comments here short, sweet, and to the point. Emojis and gifs are also a great way to comment without causing too much offense.

If you would like to send the new parents a longer message this may be best done through a direct private message.

Here are some great comments to use

  • Huge congrats!
  • Congratulations!
  • So cute!
  • So precious!
  • Just perfect!
  • So happy for you!
  • Godbless! (for those that are religious)

What Not To Say When Commenting On Baby Photos

There are some rules that you should follow in order to not be the person that leaves the inappropriate or passive-aggressive comment. Some of these rules are very obvious to most people and some are not. Here are our 8 rules:

Don’t be mean

This should really go without saying but you shouldn’t take anything for granted. Everyone loves a bit of good-natured banter and sarcasm but there are a time and a place for it. Generally speaking, sarcasm directed at children rarely goes down well.

Woman Reacting to Content on Her Phone

No Criticizing Parenting

The rules and guidelines for parenting change on an almost daily basis so it can be difficult to keep up with them all. Many are also more a matter of opinion than actual law.

But if you see a photo of a child that appears to be in a dangerous situation and feel that you have to let them know, it would be better to privately message them rather than doing it in the comments.

And remember only do this is it is an actual rule of law and not just a matter of opinion.

Passive Aggressive is a big NO

Trying to get your point across indirectly is far worse than just being straight and saying what is on your mind.

If you see a photo and are genuinely concerned about the welfare of the child, it would be better for you to gentle pass along information to the parents in a private message to text. 

Stay on Topic

Another obvious one I know. But if I have put up a photo of my baby the comments underneath are not the place to be asking me questions that are not relevant. After all, there are far better ways to get in touch with parents.

Do not be the one to try and one-up

Really there is no need for this everyone’s children are individual and fantastic in their own right.

If your friend puts up a picture of their 9 months old pulling themselves up, please do not come back with how your kid was walking at 6 months old and running in the local running club at 9 months old (I know a little bit of exaggeration on my part but you get my point).

Let this parent celebrate their child’s accomplishments in their space and you celebrate yours in your own space.

Do not have a long old conversation in the comments

Ok comments under baby photos are not the place to have a full-blown conversation, especially if it is not the person who posted the photo, to begin with. If you want to have a conversation text them or take it to the DM.

Sexism is another big No No

Woman burning paper card with word Sexism

Let children be children without putting them in boxes according to their sexes. So if your friend’s son wants to dance around in a tutu, don’t make a comment like “he’d better not be doing that when he starts school!”

Be Complimentary

This again is another obvious one but I feel we need to be very clear. So your friend and every other parent know how absolutely downright adorable their little one is but it is also lovely when you hear other people saying it too.

And is there really any harm putting some cute baby photos out in the world?

How To Compliment A Baby Boy

Now that we have covered the basic rules here are a few ways to compliment a baby boy

  • Ooooh he’s so handsome!
  • He’s precious!
  • What a handsome boy he is!
  • He is so cute!

This is not an extensive list of compliments that you can use and many of them can be joined together to form a longer sentence.

How To Compliment A Baby Girl

The same basic rules apply whether it is a boy or a girl and here are a few quick and easy ways to compliment a little girl:

  • Such a cute baby!
  • She looks so healthy!
  • She is a cutie pie!
  • Cuteness overload!

This is again not an extensive list and all can be used for both boys and girls.

Not Sure Of The Gender? No Worries, Here’s What To Say

If you have ever commented on a photo and then realized that you have got the wrong gender – there is nothing more awkward.

So if you have any doubts with regard to the gender of the baby you could always go for a safe genderless comment or phrase such as, ‘Sooo cute’, ‘what an angel!’ I think you get the idea and you are less likely to offend or upset a parent.

How To Compliment A Newborn Baby

Newborn photos can be very tricky to comment on based on gender unless you actually know the gender.

Even if the name is included in the photo there are so many gender-neutral names that it could still be a little undefined. To be safe it is best to stick to the same rules that would follow if you weren’t sure of the gender.

Mother and baby

Some great compliments that are perfect for newborns are:

  • Congratulations!
  • I am so happy for you!
  • You must be so proud!
  • Such a beautiful baby.

The Final Thought

The one thing to remember when commenting on baby photos is to stay honest and true within reason. As a child, I was always told “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”, this is still a good rule to live by.