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Can You Safely Breastfeed After Spray Tanning? – Do’s and Don’ts

Are you breastfeeding and in desperate need of a spray tan? Maybe you avoided tanning while you were pregnant and now your baby is here you are eager to hit the salon and get your golden glow back.

Well, before you go booking yourself an appointment for a spray tan, if you are a nursing mom you will need to know if you can safely breastfeed after spray tanning. In this article, we have outlined all the dos and don’ts of getting a spray tan while breastfeeding.

Follow this guide and you will avoid the funniest consequence of tanning and breastfeeding which is, of course, an orange-faced baby, but you will also avoid the worst-case scenario, your baby getting sick from your spray tan.

Is Spray Tanning While Breastfeeding Safe?

Accidently tanning your baby’s face shouldn’t be your main concern when it comes to spray tanning and breastfeeding. Yes, an orangey-brown tint to your baby’s face will probably give you all of the mum guilt but in most cases is nothing to be overly concerned about.

Of course, you need to be on the lookout for a potential allergic reaction but if your baby seems to be ok, there are ways you can safely clean the fake tan from their skin.

The main risk of spray tanning while breastfeeding is the possibility of your baby ingesting some of the tanning product that is on your skin. Dihydroxyacetone is the active ingredient in most fake tan and has only been approved as safe for external use.

Dihydroxyacetone has not been approved for inhalation or application directly on the eyes and mouth and this is why it can pose a risk for nursing babies. There are several precautions nursing moms can take to reduce the risk of their tan getting into their baby’s system during nursing.

Do’s Of Spray Tanning And Nursing

Do cover your nipples during a spray tan

You can wear nipple shields/pads or a barrier cream during a spray tan. By covering the nipples, the risk of your baby ingesting the tan and the chemicals within the product is significantly reduced. 

Do avoid tanning the breasts at all if possible

Yes, the whole point of a spray tan is to have a beautiful full-body covering, but if you don’t mind having a pasty chest then keeping your chest covered during your spray tan is the absolute safest way to stop your baby from ingesting the product on your skin. 

Does Pumping Breast Milk Burn Calories? How Many Calories?

Do pump milk before your spray tan

If you are concerned about breastfeeding after a spray tan then try expressing some milk before your appointment so you can safely feed your baby from a bottle any time after you have had your tan. 

Do wait until you have washed the color guide off before you breastfeed

Beauty therapists encourage their breastfeeding clients to avoid feeding their baby until after they have washed the color guide off. Your baby is less likely to end up with an orange face if you wait until after you have showered before you breastfeed them.

Do ask for a paraben-free formula or an organic tanning solution

Make your beauty therapist aware that you are breastfeeding and ask for the safest tanning solution for breastfeeding moms.

Externally applied products can potentially still end up in our bloodstream and body fat stores and as a nursing mom’s fat stores are used in breastmilk production, it is best to use a paraben-free tanning formula whenever possible to protect the safety of a moms breastmilk.

Can You Hold A Baby After A Spray Tan?

It may make for an adorable and hilarious photo, but it is best to avoid accidentally giving your baby an orange face after your spray tan.

When is it safe to hold your baby after a spray tan? Well, it depends. If you are happy to cover up your arms with long sleeves then you can hold your baby as soon as you like

If you don’t want to risk transferring your tan to your clothes or your baby then it is best to wait for your tan to dry before holding your baby. Treat your baby’s skin like your favorite white dress – you don’t want a single speck of tan getting on either if you can help it.

Don’ts Of Spray Tanning And Breastfeeding

Don’t schedule your appointment close to feeding time

Try and plan your spray tan appointment for a time in the day when you have the largest window between feeds.

If you schedule your tan too close to a usual breastfeeding time then you may find yourself having to deal with a very hungry baby and a tan that is not in the slightest bit dry.

The best thing you can do is feed your baby immediately before your appointment, that way you should have at least a couple of hours before they want to feed again.

Don’t get tan on your nipples

If you get tan on your nipples there is a very real risk the chemicals can get into your baby’s mouth as well as on their face. Follow the steps in the Do’s of spray tanning and nursing to avoid tan getting on your nipples.

Don’t get mom guilt if you tan your baby

You won’t be the first nursing mom to accidentally tan your baby and you can be sure you won’t be the last either. Following all the steps above will give you the best chance of avoiding tanning your baby’s face but these things do happen.

Ditch the mom guilt, as long as your nipples were free from tan then the only damage done is your baby looking like an orange for a few days. 

The Final Thought

If you follow all of these precautions and take steps to keep spray tan off your nipples, then spray tanning while breastfeeding is safe.

Now that you know how to avoid having one of those accidentally tanned babies you sometimes see pop up on Facebook, go get your tan booked mama, you deserve a pamper. 

After all, there are enough things that you can’t do while breastfeeding, check out what foods and medicines are safe while breastfeeding.