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Can You Eat Sour Cream While Pregnant?

Congratulations! You are pregnant!

Now this news can come as an amazing surprise or as a complete shock! Either way when you have let it digest there are certain things you need to be aware of when growing a baby.

There are so many forever-changing rules and regulations over what an expectant mom can and cannot do it may be a mind-boggling task to get your head around. Your usual diet may well have to change and you might have to give up your Friday night Chinese.

We all know that there are certain things that can seriously affect the health of our unborn babies such as tobacco, alcohol, and drug misuse. But many pregnant women are not aware of how much of an impact the foods and drinks we consume can also have.

That daily espresso, the fish we eat, sugar, and it often raises many questions regarding what foods are safe and what are not. One of these questions is can you eat sour cream while pregnant?

Can I Eat Sour Cream When Pregnant?

The quick answer to this question is yes!

Sour cream bought from local stores is usually pasteurized. This means that when in production it has been treated to fend off the harmful bacteria that may lurk in some products. 

When shopping lookout for the fact it is made from pasteurized milk, it should be clearly marked on the packaging, and if it is you have the green light momma!

Remember to be cautious if you shop at local farmers’ markets. Although the products made are natural and organic, things like sour cream could be made with unpasteurized milk. Consuming products made in this way could contain nasty bugs called Bacteria Listeria

Bacteria Listeria


This is quite a rare disease with only 0.1 to 10 cases per 1 million people per year. Bacteria Listeria can cause an infection called Listeriosis which can be harmful to your unborn baby and in worst cases may result in miscarriage or stillbirth. 

Symptoms Of Bacteria Listeria

Listeriosis can cause a range of different symptoms and depends on the person that is affected. It can cause fever and diarrhea very similar to other stomach upsets so it is rarely diagnosed.

But if you have invasive listeriosis which means that the bacteria has spread beyond your gut, will depend if the person is pregnant.

Pregnant women normally experience fever and flu-like symptoms such as fatigue and aching muscles. But infection during pregnancy can lead to miscarriage, stillbirth, premature delivery, or life-threatening infection of the newborn.

What Foods Could Cause Listeriosis?

Now, this article is here to help you understand how to stay safe during your pregnancy. It is not trying to scare you away from food! No one wants to live nine months only consuming fresh vegetables and fruit right?

We have broken down the foods that you need to be aware of and to keep an eye on before consuming.

Listeriosis can be found in many types of food but the most problematic area would be in dairy products.

Foods including soft cheeses like Camembert, Brie, and Goat’s cheese are made with unpasteurized milk, prepared foods like over counter deli meats, pate, and in some cases pre-packaged sandwiches could all be at risk to you when pregnant. the best advice is to avoid if possible. 

Now again not all these foods will contain the infection and if you have recently eaten any of them then please do not panic! It is a rare infection however it is best to follow advice where ever possible. 

Still not sure? Always contact your doctor if you are unsettled or worried. 

Things To Think About When Eating Sour Cream

Yay! So we have gone through the fact you can consume sour cream as long as it is pasteurized! But unfortunately, this does not give you the freedom to eat it every day with every meal!

Now not to sound all doom and gloom but as expectant moms, we are told that the myth of ‘eating for two’ is no excuse for excessive weight gain!

Sour cream has an extremely high-fat content and if consumed regularly it may put you at risk of gestational diabetes or other pregnancy-related conditions. 

As always anything in life can and should be enjoyed in moderation just keep in mind that your favorite chips and dip come with a calorific consequence if consumed in excess.

There are alternatives to sour cream! Try swapping it out in your recipes and you may find a new favorite. Try things like yogurt, crème Fraiche, mayonnaise, coconut milk, or buttermilk.

The list can go on and on but make sure to check out the packaging to ensure all your considered alternatives are pasteurized. and safe to consume while pregnant.


Can I eat cream cheese if I’m pregnant?

Cream cheese is not actually a soft cheese – it is in fact a cheese spread that is made with pasteurized dairy. And because of this, it is perfectly safe to eat while pregnant.

Is it safe to eat sour food during pregnancy?

pregnant woman eating

Pregnant women often have a craving for sweet food or even sour food.

Having a preference for sour food can help women get a more varied diet later in their pregnancy ensuring that they are getting enough calories. This may help to explain the very common pickle craving!

Can you eat mayo when pregnant?

It is advised that you should avoid homemade mayonnaise while pregnant as there is the possibility that it may contain undercooked or raw eggs. But commercial mayonnaise is safe to eat while pregnant as it is made with pasteurized eggs.

The Final Thought

I hope this article has been helpful to you and not all bad news! After all, you can celebrate that you do not have to bin the sour cream and you can enjoy your favorite recipes with friends and family.  

It is also good to know that there are some great vitamins present within sour cream that can aid a healthy and balanced diet. Essential vitamins A, B6, B12, C are all present which all contribute to a healthy developing pregnancy!

Make sure to choose sour cream with natural ingredients and look out for that buzz word ‘Pasteurized.’ However unlikely you are to come across unpasteurized products in stores it is always best and safe to check!

You may now be thinking if some of your other favorite foods are safe to eat such as cheesecake and olives while you are pregnant.