Can Adults Use Baby Shampoo and Conditioner Like Johnson & Johnson?

can adults use baby shampoo

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I know how tempting it is to use your baby’s shampoo and body wash while you’re cleaning them up. It can be more economical and easier on your hair considering the gentle formula that’s typically used. But can adults actually use it?

Well, there’s nothing really stating that we can’t. So, I’ve done some research about what baby shampoo products work on adults, and whether or not the baby products are as useful for us as they are for our little ones.

Which Baby Shampoo is Best for Adults?

When deciding what baby shampoo product is best for adults, you can use the same criteria that you use when shopping for your child.

Using my own experience as well as a good deal of research, I found four baby products that are worth your consideration. Here is how I rank them:

Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo

Johnson & Johnson may be among the most well-known brands for baby products. Their “No More Tears” formula remains a high selling point for their shampoo. This speaks highly of its use of safe ingredients. Not to mention it tends to be rather affordable compared to other adult shampoos.

If you’re really in need of something to combat sensitive skin, this shampoo may do the trick. It’s dermatologist tested to be hypoallergenic and free from the likes of dyes and parabens.

This shampoo aims to cleanse both the hair and the scalp, leaving behind that classic fresh scent. Because of this, adults should be able to use this shampoo with no problem. In fact, the company even says that this is designed for people to use at any age.

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

Another brand that creates a “tear-free” formula is Cetaphil. This baby shampoo also uses a blend of useful ingredients such as glycerin, Aloe Vera, and organic calendula.

Their formula is known to rinse off well, leaving behind no residue in your hair. This can also be of use if you need to hydrate your hair considering that glycerin helps lock in moisture, which may benefit your scalp and hair.

The shampoo is another product that’s dermatologist tested to be gentle against your skin. There aren’t any mineral oil, parabens, or colorants used. Its hypoallergenic formula may also work well for those of you who may be sensitive to common adult shampoos.

Himalaya Baby Shampoo

Another mild product that’s dermatologist tested is the Himalaya Baby Shampoo. It’s clinically tested in order to ensure a gentle product that’s still capable of nourishing your hair.

This is free from the common chemicals found in adult shampoos like parabens, silicone, and phthalates. It is also yet another baby shampoo that touts the “no tears” design, which is a good indicator of how gentle the ingredients work in your hair and against your scalp.

What’s further interesting is the use of chickpea and hibiscus in the shampoo formula. The chickpea acts as a protein to add nourishment to your hair, increasing its health and shine. Meanwhile, the hibiscus goes to work as a conditioner to soften your hair.

Dove Baby Shampoo

Another baby wash product that adults tend to use is Dove Baby Shampoo. Dove alone is well known for its numerous products, and although they do have the usual washes that adults can use, there’s something appealing about their baby line.

For one thing, it has a mild formula that shouldn’t cause any adverse reactions in your hair. Like many others, it also has a “tear-free” formula. At the same time, it can help add moisture back to your hair and leave behind a gentle, clean fragrance.

This shampoo is both ph-neutral and hypoallergenic, and it’s safe enough that you can use it daily if you wish. The moisturizing agents should still leave your hair and scalp soft and smooth.

Is Baby Shampoo Better Than Regular Shampoo?

The debate between which type of shampoo is better depends on what you need it for.

Regular shampoo affects our hair a number of different ways, some good and some bad. If you need something that focuses on repairing damage, then you’re better off going for regular shampoo as baby shampoo isn’t intended for such causes.

However, if you want something that’s easy on your hair and scalp, more so for those with sensitive skin, baby shampoo takes the top spot.

Even though there are plenty of regular shampoos that tout natural, safe formulas, there’s still a chance they contain a harmful ingredient. With baby shampoos, there’s no guesswork. You know that it’s gentle because it’s meant to go on babies.

Again, what’s best comes down to what you need.

using baby shampoo as an adult

Is Baby Shampoo Good for Hair Growth?

There’s no real evidence that shows baby shampoo directly contributes to hair growth. Honestly, many experts found that regular shampoo doesn’t actually grow your hair, contrary to what many brands say.

Alternatively, some shampoos are known to revitalize your scalp, and a healthy scalp and hair follicles can lead to healthier hair and growth.

So, baby shampoo can be gentle against the scalp, which may leave you safe from damage. This is especially true as baby shampoos aren’t known to lather, which can dry your scalp.

Still, it doesn’t actually grow your hair, but it can help your scalp feel better.

baby shampoo for hair growth

Is Baby Shampoo Good for Dry Scalp?

As I mentioned before, baby shampoo doesn’t contain any of the harmful chemicals floating around in many adult shampoos. This leads to less lathering, which leads to a scalp that doesn’t dry out.

Some shampoos may not offer a ton of moisturizing agents, but they shouldn’t leave you feeling dry and itchy.

Can Adults Use Baby Body Wash?

Just like there’s no one saying adults can’t use baby shampoo, the same goes for body wash. It’s simply a wash that’s geared toward babies considering it lacks chemicals, many of them lack dyes and fragrances, and others are simply gentle against the skin.

If you want something with a powerful smell, then, of course, you’d want to consider adult body washes. However, if you want a gentle, no-fuss cleansing agent, then baby body washes are ideal.

To be frank, many people prefer that “baby smell” that comes from their washes, so the lack of a fruity scent may appeal to you.

Can Adults Use Baby Oil or Other Baby Products?

There’s no harm in adults making use of other baby products such as oil and lotions. Many people favor these products over adult brands for many reasons from affordability to the gentle solution found in them.

If you want some more support, many dermatologists recommend numerous baby products for adults to use that are safe and effective.

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If you want to add baby shampoo, washes, oil, or lotion to your hair and skin routine, then go for it. There’s honestly no harm considering the products are all made for babies and their sensitive skin.

Just remember why you want to use the product. For achieving certain looks with your hair like damage repair, baby shampoo isn’t quite strong enough for that. If you just want simplicity and gentleness, then baby shampoo may be perfect for you.

Hello, my name is Lorie and I'm a mother of three beautiful kids. I have a masters of science in education, learning design, and technology. I like to share my experiences from raising 3 kids and review products I've found useful.

Hello, my name is Lorie and I'm a mother of three beautiful kids. I have a masters of science in education, learning design, and technology. I like to share my experiences from raising 3 kids and review products I've found useful.