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75 Edgy Girl Names That Push Limits

For those parents looking for an edgy name for their little girl, it can be a real challenge. An edgy name needs to be cool and modern but still timeless.

Parents can often get lost in the small details or wealth of names that are available to them. Many can be caught up in those names chosen by celebrities, which they class as edgy but in reality, are just a little strange or downright awful.

It is a fine line between edgy and unique and strange and awful – parents need to navigate this slowly and with great care for the sake of their beautiful baby girls.

Here are some of our favorite edgy girl’s names that are both unique and edgy yet beautiful and timeless.

Edgy Girls Names

Astra – This name is a beautiful name that means from the stars. Names inspired by nature are particularly edgy at the moment and they are mostly amazing names.

Aura – Another great nature name that means glowing light. With a meaning like this, it is always going to have that edgy feel about it.

Azalea – This is a name that means dry flower and is of Greek origin. This name is edgy as it is unlikely that there will be another little girl in the classroom with the same name.

Banks – Means edge of the river and is of English origin. The name has been brought to the light as it is the name chosen by Hilary Duff and Matthew Koma for their little girl.

Brody – As a gender-neutral name of Scottish origin this could offer parents a fantastic edgy name. It is also considered to be a short form of Broderick.

Culture – Although a unique and edgy name for a little girl, for some parents it may be a little too unique. An alternate spelling was used Cardi B and Offset, the spelling used was Kulture.

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Cybil – The name means soothsayer, which is someone that can see into the future. This is a great meaning for a name that is perfect for that edgy little girl in your life.

Daria – Some parents may remember the 90s TV series of the same name. But this is not a name that is often heard these days at all. This could offer the unique feel that many parents crave for their children’s names.

December – Of English origin and literally means born in December. It may a little predictable for some parents and therefore not edgy enough. You decide for yourself. 

Delaney – Many of the names on this list will not be found on any popularity chart. But Delaney is the exception, both a popular and edgy name that most people will have little objection to.  It means descendant of the challenger. It can’t get much edgier than that!

Dinah – If you are a parent that is looking for a name that has a religious meaning then Dinah may offer you that. It is also not a very popular name so may be perfect for those looking for an edgy name with a strong religious meaning but not super common.

Echo – In Greek mythology, Echo was a nymph who mourned from unrequited love until the only thing left of her was her voice. Not the happiest of meanings but it does give the name that edgy feel.

Effie – This super cool girl name has appeared in The Hunger Games and the hit TV show Skins, although the spelling was Effy. This would make a great name for a super cool little girl with an edgy kick.

Eleven – In Old English, the name means one left. Its popularity has no doubt increased since its use in the hit TV series Stranger Things.

Elora –This is a form of the name Eliora and means my God is my light. The name has steadily grown in popularity since 2016 but does seem to have plateaued at present.

Ember – A great edgy gender-neutral name that means spark, burning low. Its popularity has risen considerably over the last few years and continues on an upward trend.

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Ever – A name that means always and is another gender-neutral name that is perfect for an edgy little girl. The name is not currently ranked in US births so there is a high chance that your little one will be the only one in her class with the name.

Fallon – Means of a ruling family and is of Irish origin. The name has slowly declined in popularity since the early 1980s and is currently ranked at number 959 in US births. 

Freesia – It’s of Germanic origin and means Freese’s flower. A rare and unheard of name that could potentially be the perfect name for your little one.

Hadley – The name means from Hadda’s field and is of English origin. A great name that does not define gender and is super cool for a boy or a girl.

Haisley – Irish in origin and means hazel woods. this could potentially offer parents an alternative to Paisley.

Harlow – This is a name that may offer parents looking for a less popular name option than Harley. Although the name has started dropping in popularity that may be a great reason to choose it for your little girl.

Havyn – Providing a great alternative to the more traditional and common names such as Heaven, Faith, or Hope. This name means safe place and is a great alternative as it is currently not popular at all.

Hera – This name has a super edgy and cool meaning as protectress. It is also another name for the goddess Juno.

Hollis – Another one of those names that could be suitable for either a little boy or girl. Some may argue that it is definitely a boy’s name but the trend is edging towards it being more of a girl’s name.

Indigo – Many parents online see this exclusively as a boy’s name it is now making its way into the realm of being an edgy and cool little girl’s name. However, there are many names these days that once were concerned exclusively used for specific gender and have now become unisex.

Jaden – If you are looking for an edgy name that is not yet on the popular list then Jaden is the perfect choice for you. The name means thankful and God has heard, which could offer someone looking for a name with religious meanings a great option.

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Jax – An alternative to the overused Jackson and although it is considered a form of Jackson, it could easily be a stand-alone name.

Jovie – A name with the beautiful meaning of joyful. 

Juniper – This name is currently number 195 on the US births list and is a great alternative to the popular Daisy.

Kai – Hawaiian in origin and means ocean. Although it is considered a gender-neutral name it has been traditionally exclusively used as a boy’s name. This does mean that as a girls name it is both rare and unique.

Kinsey – The name is very similar to Kinsley that is in the top 100 baby girl names at the moment. But Kinsey is far enough down that list so that you won’t have to worry about there being another little girl with the same name in her class.

Kipp – Means from the hill and is of English origin. This is another name that is considered a boys name but has not made the US births chart since the late 60s.

Laya – This uncommonly heard name means ruler in Assyrian and is a feminine edgy name. Laya is the perfect choice for your little girl if are looking for a name that is both unique and beautiful.

Lennox – Originally a Scottish surname used for families near Levenach, Scotland. Since 2016 its popularity has been steadily rising as a name for a little girl.

Livi – If you love Olivia but can not stomach how popular it has become then Livi could be the perfect contender for your little girl. Although originally a nickname it is now most definitely a name all of its own. As Livi is derived from Olivia, it means olive tree.

Lux – The pronunciation of this name has been hotly debated amongst parents. Some say that they would pronounce the name Lux as lucks and they would strongly associate the name with the soap brand. While other parents have added that they would maybe add an ‘e’ to the end of the name so that the pronunciation becomes Lux-ee. Either way, I think that it is a beautiful name that is edgy and perfect for a fearless little girl.

Lyric – Variations of this name are Lyrik. The name means words of a song and is of English origin.

Margo –  Short for Margarita or some may consider it a short form of Margot. In either case, Margo is now a short name that has become a stand-alone name all of its own. By dropping the ‘t’ the name becomes edgy and spunky making it a great choice for your funky little girl.

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Marley – This was originally considered an English surname. It means from the boundary field and there are variations in spelling such as Marleigh.

Maude – Although many may consider this name old and outdated, it is actually a form of the highly popular Matilda. The name means battle might and is of French origin, this would make a super edgy name for a strong little girl.

Minna – Minna stands for resolute and strong, perfect qualities for your edgy little girl. The name Minna became popular in the late 60s and early 70s in Finland but has since been in steady decline.

Millie – The name means a deep desire to travel. Millie has been given an even edgier reputation following Netflix Tv Show, Stranger Things. The name is unlikely to cause any huge waves of disapproval for being too edgy and for people of a certain generation it will of course be tied to the actress that plays the telekinetic character from the show.

Monroe – A Scottish clan name that means man from the river Roe, referring to an Irish place name. For most people, the name is associated with the beautiful and iconic actress Marilyn Monroe.

Nell – A diminutive form of Helen or Eleanor and means light. This is a twist on those traditional names offering a more edgy and less common alternative.

Nova – If you are looking for a name that is both unique and edgy then Nova is the one. The name does mean ‘go away’ in Spanish but most would go with its astronomy association first. According to Cornell University, “A nova is a strong, rapid increase in the brightness of a star.”

Oakleigh – Many parents love the name Oakley but are concerned about connections to the sunglasses brand of the same name. But with a quick respelling to Oakleigh, it can definitely be a contender for an edgy baby girl.

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Onyx – This may be considered a slightly unconventional name but many parents are warming to it. Onyx is a type of gemstone that is said to have healing properties. As the name is unconventional it does mean that it is likely that there will not be many if any others on the playground.

Perry – The name is of English origin and means pear tree. Perry is both unique and down to earth that is rarely used.

Pilot – Meaning ship or plane operator and although considered a neutral name, it would be a unique name for a little girl.

Presley – Meaning from the priest’s field, it was originally an English surname hugely associated with Elvis Presley. The name did begin to climb the charts from 199 to 2013 when it began to even out.

Quinn – Quite a popular name becoming increasingly more popular due to the DC character Harley Quinn. But if you wanted it for your little girl but with a slight twist then you could always just drop the last ‘n’, so it becomes Quin. The name actually means intelligent. 

Rae – A diminutive form of Rachel and is of English origin. This is currently ranked at number 948 in the US births.

Ramsay – People with this name are excited by change, adventure, and excitement. They are said to be full of energy and extremely friendly. The name may have some negative associations in the shape of Gordon Ramsay and who could forget Ramsay Bolton of Game of Thrones fame. 

Raven – This is a beautiful name with real edgy tendencies. If you do find the name a little dark you could always opt for its opposite name of Dove. But to be honest, Raven is better.

Reign – Many parents may associate the name with that of Kourtney Kardashians son but there is no reason that you can not use the name for a little girl. This name is suitable for either a boy or a girl, although for a girl it is usually spelled as Rain, Raine, or Rayne.

Rory – For most people, this name is considered exclusively a boys name. But in fact, it is considered a gender-neutral name of Irish origin and means red king. It is also considered a diminutive form of Roderick.

Rowe – The name Rowe means renowned wolf. The name has various meanings as it was considered an English surname, locational surname for someone who lived by a row of something or from Rowland which means renowned wolf.

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Royal – The perfect edgy name for your little girl is one that means exactly what it is such as Royal. The name means of the king.

Rumi – A name of Japanese origin and means perch, beautiful, and lapiz lazuli. It is also a Persian name of unknown meaning.

Sage – Refers to the herb or prophet. An edgy alternative to more widely used nature names.

Sailor – This is considered an occupational name for a boat worker. Another rare and unique name for your little girl.

Scout – Means first explorer and is of American origin. This is another name that although is gender-neutral, most people would consider it a boy’s name.

Snow – Descriptive surname for someone with very pale skin or light blonde hair. Snow means frozen rain or light haired and is of English origin.

Starr – Means star and by making a slight alteration it helps to remove the 60s association from the name. The spelling Starr makes it appear edgy.

Stevie – A diminutive form of Stephen or Stephanie and is of English origin. This alternative spelling offers a newer, more trendy version of the very traditional Stephanie.

Suri – A name that definitely hit the headlines when it was chosen by Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise for their little girl. But the name is edgy and beautiful making it a perfect choice for any baby girl. Suri means ‘the sun’ in Sanskrit and ‘rose’ in Persian.

Tate – This name has the perfect meaning of cheerful. After all, every parent wants their children to be happy and cheerful.

Tatum – Meaning happy, what better meaning could a name have. A beautiful, unique name for your edgy little girl.

Tex – American in origin and means from Texas. Not a popular name and offers a rare and somewhat unique short girl’s name.

True – A short form of Trudy meaning spear strength and is of English origin. True is a more modern alternative to Trudy which is somewhat outdated.

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Wednesday – This name is hugely associated with the Addams Family movie and the character Wednesday Addams. As she is not exactly the most cheerful of children you may want to steer clear of this name. But on the other hand, she is also synonymous with overcoming difficulties and being proud of exactly who she is.

Wren – Means small bird and is of English origin. There are variations of the spelling such as Wrenne.

Wylder – Although this has been a boy’s name for a long time, for those parents that love it for a little girl you might get a negative reaction. You may be able to resolve this by changing up the spelling from the more traditional Wilder to Wylder. A uniquely edgy name that has obvious connections to the wild.

Wynn – If you love Quinn but are worried about any association with the DC character then Wynn may be a good choice for you. The name is derived from the name Gwyn, meaning fair or white. The name was particularly popular in the ’30s and ’40s but is slowly making a comeback.

Zephyr – A name with a strong meaning of west wind.

The Final Thought

If you are hoping that your baby is going to be a strong and edgy little girl then there are some great name choices in our list above. Even if you are still searching for that perfect name then at least we have given you some inspiration for that edgy name.