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20 Best Names That Mean Lust

The responsibility of finding the perfect name for your baby can often leave parents feeling overwhelmed and stressed. But it should be a time of exploration and expressing your heritage and individual personality. 

This is why many parents decide that the perfect name for their baby is a name with an unusual meaning such as lust!

Best Names That Mean Lust

If you are thinking of taking this road when it comes to naming your perfect baby we have put together some of our favorite names to give you a little taste of what is out there.

Here are our 20 favorite baby names that mean lust, many of which are both unique and beautiful.

Girls Names That Mean Lust

Aalka – Means ‘lustrous’ and is of Hindu origin.

Aaoka – A name of Indian origin that means ‘lustrous’.

Abha – This is a name of Indian origin that means ‘luster’.

Aiko – Of Japanese origin and means ‘love and affection’.

Aloki – Bengali origin and means ‘lustrous’.

Amia – Means ‘beloved’ and is of French origin.

Aziza – The feminine form of ‘Aziz’ which means ‘loved and adored’.

Cliodhna – A name of Irish origin that refers to the goddess of love and beauty.

Kishu – Indian origin and means ‘lustrous.

Lena – Greek origin and means ‘alluring’.

Lofn – This is a name of Greek origin and refers to the goddess of lust.

Neha – Of Hindi origin and means ‘love and affection’.

Niam – Means ‘ luster’ and is of Arabic origin.

Rhea – This beautiful name comes from the Greek and is an old creative name. Rhea was the earth mother to all of the gods in Greek mythology. She is also the mythical mother of Zeus and wife of Cronos, or the mythical mother of Romulus and Remus. This name represents power, authority, and pride. 

Shri – Indian origin and means ‘ luster’.

Ujvala – This is a name of Telugu origin that means ‘lustrous’.

Boys Names That Mean Lust

Aziz – Of Arabic origin and means ‘loved and adored’.

Baren – This is a name of Indian origin meaning ‘the lust’.

Leif – Means ‘beloved’ and is of Scandinavian origin. The name is one of the few that has managed to cross the water to the US and Canada thanks to the American singer and actor Leif Garrett

Tiras – A name of Hebrew origin that means ‘desire and lust’.

The Final Thought

So these are some of our top lustrous names that could be perfect if you want your little one to grow up full of love and affection. Not only do they offer your little one a unique name but it also has a wonderful meaning that is full of life.

If you are still searching for that perfect name then why not check out our list of names that mean passion or those that mean grace.