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100 Coolest Names That Mean Ice For Males And Females

Choosing a great name for your little one can be a daunting task filled with stress and confusion. This is why many parents decide they want their little one to have a name with a particular meaning, such as names that mean ice. 

If you’re still looking for a name that will be perfect for your little one and you’ve decided you want someone cool and calm, that makes you think of frosty mornings, winter snow, and a cool breeze, then a name meaning ice might be a great choice for you. 

Here we have a list of some of our favorite names that mean ice or remind us of the crisp, cool winter months. Check them out and see if something sparks any interest.

Names That Mean Ice For Girls

Alaska- This name associated with the chilly state, is actually a word from Native Americans, meaning great land. Alaska is a place full of frosty mountains, and chilly breezes, and is a perfect pick for a name for your little girl. 

Alba – Of Latin origin and means bright and white.

Bianca- This charming name means white. This color, associated with snow, ice, and the chillier weather, and is a subtler connection to ice. 

Blanche- Another name with subtle ice associations, Blanche also means white, and just like Bianca this subtler color association is what links this name to all things chilly. 

Carol- While this name means beautiful person, it also refers to the songs that are sung during the winter festive season. 

Christmas- This is a sweet name for your little one born in December and perfectly encapsulates the winter months.

Crystal- This name conjures images of the frosty little pieces of ice and is a dazzling name for your little one. You could also opt for Krystallos which is the Greek version of the name. 

Demetria- This name refers to the Greek goddess who caused winter, and can be shortened to Demi.

Eira- This sweet Welsh name means snow, and is a great wintery pick for your little angel. 

Elsa- Although not strictly associated with ice, this name makes the list thanks to Disney’s smash hit Frozen. The name actually comes from the Hebrew and means God is satisfaction. 

Baby girl enjoying a walk in a snowy winter park

Frostine- This chic name comes from the French word for snow, and it conjures icy visions. 

Garnet- This unusual pick is the birthstone associated with January, one of the colder months. 

Gwendolyn – Of Welsh origin and means fair and blessed.

Higalik- This uncommon name has Inuit origins and means ice house, making it a more unconventional but still adorable connection to ice. 

Hika- This sweet name comes from Japanese and means ice perfume, ice smell, or ice petal.

Holly- Another winter-associated name, this name refers to winter berries and is a perfect pick for a December bundle of joy. 

Icelyn- This charming name, while meaning compassionate and idealist, has an icy sound, making it great for a name associated with ice.

Isbjort- This Icelandic name means bright ice and is a more contemporary pick from Iceland.

Isdis- This unconventional name has Icelandic roots and has the lovely meaning of ice goddess, making it a lovely pick for your little angel. 

Isey- Another Icelandic pick, this one means ice island, and is an adorable pick for your little one. 

Ishildur- This Icelandic name means ice battle, and is the perfect strong and powerful name for your little one. 

Isolde- This name has Celtic and Germanic roots and means ice battle. This is a powerful and strong name for your little one. 

Isrun- This exotic name means ice secret and comes from Icelandic, and is a great unique pick for your little princess. 

Isveig- Another Icelandic pick, this name means ice power and ice strength; the perfect name for a tough little one. 

Ivy- An Old English name meaning faithful, this also refers to the plant popular around Christmas time. 

Janara- This name comes from the God of snow, Janus, according to Roman mythology.

January- This name is subtle in its icy associations but is a perfect name for a little one. It is the name of the coldest month of the year when everything is icy and magical. 

Polish lady blowing snow

Jokla- Another pick from Iceland, this name means icicle or glacier. It is a sweet little name and perfect for your little girl. 

Juniper- This name has Latin roots and refers to a wintery tree, perfect for a little one who arrives in the later months. 

Kagssok- This name leaves an impression, and comes from Greenland, meaning a blue piece of ice, floating ice, or transparent ice on sea. 

Kassog- Another rare pick from Greenland, this name means a blue piece of ice. 

Kawisenhawe- This name has Mohawk origins and means she holds the ice. 

Lucia- This was the name of a Swedish saint born during the Christmas season, and would be a lovely, subtle hint to ice. 

Lumi- This Finnish name means snow and is the perfect icy pick for your little girl. 

Merry – Of Old English origin and means happy and Guardian of the sea. It also refers to the Christmassy feeling of family, joy and happiness.

Natasha- This Russian name means birthday of the Lord and refers to the wintery months when Christmas usually takes place. 

Neve- This sweet Irish name means snowy and bright. 

Nieva- This Spanish name is the perfect wintery pick, meaning snowing. 

Nieves- This Spanish name refers to Mother Mary, meaning Our Lady of the Snows, and is a great pick for your little one. 

Nilak- This name with Greenlandic roots means freshwater ice and is a sweet pick for your little one. 

Noella- This old French name means Christmas and can be a great choice for a little one. 

Olwen- This Welsh name means white footprint, and conjures images of walking through the snow. While a subtle ice connection, this melodic pick is a great choice. 

Paloma – Of Latin origin and means dove.

Qinoq- This name is a rare one due to its Q beginning, and the meaning gives it an added uniqueness, ice sludge. 

Snow- This name makes you think of chilly, crisp weather and is a perfect choice for a little one born in the winter. 

Tuarana- This Greenlandic name means hunter on sea ice, and is a perfect name for your little one. 

Viola- This name of Latin origin refers to a mild winter flower. 

Boy Names That Mean Ice

boy in the snow

Aisi- This short name means ice in Tongan and is a melodious pick for your little one. 

Aspen- This name is associated with the Colorado ski resort, frequented by many. It is also the name of a tree with heart-shaped leaves. This is a great name with icy connections that is perfect for your baby. 

Blaze- This unique name can sometimes mean fire, but it also means snowstorm, making it the perfect winter pick.

Bodhi – Of Indian origin and means enlightenment or awakening. The name comes from the Bodhi tree under which Buddha gained his enlightenment.

Colden – English in origin and means the dark valley.

December- Referring to the coldest month of the year, this subtle frosty connection is perfect for your little one.

Dong – Of Chinese origin and means winter.

Douglas- This Scottish name means name of Christmas tree and is a great old-fashioned pick. 

Eirwan- This Welsh name means white snowand is a lovely pick for your little one.

Farbauti- This comes from Norse, and is associated with the domain of icy giants, Jotunheimr. 

Frost- This name means born in a cold spell, and is a great pick for your baby if you’re looking for a name with icy connections. 

Gabriel- This Hebrew name means God is my strength and is associated with the angel of the Nativity story. This is the story told during Christmas time, one of the colder months of the year. 

Gwenyth – Of Welsh origin and means white.

Himanshu- This uncommon name means ice particle in Sanskrit and is a perfect unique pick. 

Ijsbrand- This Dutch name comes from multiple words meaning ice and iron, and the word brand meaning sword. 

Isarr- This name is cool and hip and has Icelandic and Old Norse origins. The name means ice army, and is a perfect pick for your little one. 

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Isbert- This is a variant of boy names like Gilbert, Hubert, and Bert, but carries the Ancient Germanic meaning bright ice, making it a great option for your little one. 

Isbjorn- This name comes from Iceland and means ice bear. 

Iseldur- This name, also from Iceland, comes from two elements, fire and ice, and is a powerful choice for your little boy. 

Isfrid- This is similar to the girl name Ingrid, but this name comes from some Germanic names meaning ice and peace, or possibly iron. 

Isgrim- This name comes from Ancient Germanic, and means ice mask. This is a great name with lots of ice associations. 

Isleifr- This name comes from Old Norse and is a great choice for your little one meaning ice heir. 

Isleikr- This name, while sounding similar to Isleifr, it actually means ice game, making it a playful pick for your baby. 

Ismund- Similar to Edmund, this name has Ancient Germanic roots and means ice protection. 

Isolfr- This Old Norse name means ice wolf, and can also be used in the Ancient Germanic form, Isulf. 

Isward- Meaning ice guard, this name comes from Ancient Germanic and is a strong name for your little one. 

Izo- This Japanese name means ice, making it the perfect choice for your little one. 

Izotz- This is a more interesting version of Izo and means ice in Basque. 

Jack- While not a name that means ice, this name is associated with Jack Frost. 

Jaki- This Icelandic name means ice floe and is a great pick for your little one. 

Jasper – Of Persian origin and means bringer of treasure.

Jokull- This Old Norse name means ice, icicle, or glacier. It is a trendy option that is great for your little one. 

Kari- This Turkish name means covered with snow and is a great choice for a little one arriving in the chillier months. 

Ledimir- This Croatian and Serbian name means ice peace and is a melodious name for your little one. 

Lixue- This Chinese name means pretty snow and is a lovely unique choice. 

Nevada- A Spanish name meaning snow-clad, this is a unique choice for your little one. 

Nicholas – Greek in origin and means victory of the people. This name has been associated with the famous Santa Claus who is also known as St. Nicholas.

Noel – Of French origin and is a variant of Noella which is the French word for Christmas.

North – A name of Proto-Indo European origin and means a direction.

Quilo- This name comes from Roman mythology and refers to the North Wind, and is an excellent choice for your little one.

Robin- This Old Germanic name means bright and shining and is usually a bird spotted in the colder months. 

Rory – Of Irish origin and means Red King.

Rudolph- This Italian name refers to the reindeer with the red nose who pulls Santa’s sleigh. This is a quirky pick for your little one. 

Sikivat- This name comes from Greenland and means new ice or thin ice. 

Sikunguak- This name comes from Greenland, and means sweet little sea ice and sea ice. 

Vale- This name is associated with skiing, a popular winter sport, and is another subtle nod to ice. 

Whittaker – English in origin and means from the white field.

Winter- One of the most obvious choices for a name associated with ice in Winter. This name is associated with the coldest season of the year. 

Wren- This English name refers to a winter bird and is a subtler hint to ice.

Yas- This name of American origin means snow and is a character in Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.

Yukio- This Japanese name means snow and is a character in the Marvel comics. 

Yule- This adorable pick is perfect for a Christmas baby. This is also a less conventional pick for an ice-themed name and is often associated with the wintertime. 

Boy portrait winter outdoor

Zane- This American name means white as snow and is a great option for your little one. 

The Final Thought

So that brings us to the end of our chilly list of ice-inspired baby names.

Hopefully, you have found the perfect name for your little one but if you are thinking you may like a name that has a slightly warmer feeling why not check out our names that mean summer or even names that mean rebirth.