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What You Should Know About Waterparks While Pregnant

Waterparks are loads of fun for all of the family. You don’t have to be a kid to enjoy whizzing down water slides and splashing around in a wave pool. But are waterparks safe for pregnant women?

Just because you are a mom-to-be that doesn’t mean you have to stop having fun for the nine months of your pregnancy. However, whilst waterparks are a great way to cool down and have a fun day out in the summer, they are not always the safest places to go if you are pregnant.

In this article, we will look at the risks of visiting a waterpark and what you should know about waterparks while pregnant.

Can You Go To A Waterpark While Pregnant?

There are many reasons why pregnant women might want to go to a waterpark: they have other children to entertain, it’s a hot day, or simply just because waterparks are super fun!

There are no strict rules that prohibit women who are pregnant from visiting a waterpark, but their options of things to do while they are there will be limited. 

If you are pregnant you can absolutely go along to a waterpark with your friends, family, or your other children, just be prepared to have to sit out on most of the attractions.

Can You Go Down A Water Slide If You’re Pregnant?

Waterslides may seem harmless in comparison to big rides and rollercoasters but they do still need to be avoided during pregnancy.

Why can’t you go down a slide when pregnant? Well, the main reason you should avoid waterslides is that they are often bumpy and this can be dangerous to your baby.

Bumpy movements experienced when traveling at a fast speed can pose a risk of harm to your unborn baby and could potentially cause a miscarriage or pregnancy complications.

Going down a slide should definitely be avoided during the third trimesters as the bumpy movements and sudden landing in the water can cause more damage the closer to labor you are. 

Often waterslides will have warning signs stating they are not be used by pregnant women.

As well as the bumps and the speed, waterslides are a big no for pregnant women as someone may come down behind you and there’s a risk you may be accidentally kicked in the stomach.

As waterslides are usually the best part of a day out to the waterpark, you may want to find a more pregnancy-friendly day out instead.

5 Things To Know About Going To a Waterpark While Pregnant 

If you are planning a day out to the waterpark while pregnant, there are a few important things you need to be aware of before you visit. 

You still need to be careful in your first trimester

Yes you may not be showing yet and your unborn baby is still tiny, but you do still need to err on the side of caution when visiting a  waterpark during your first trimester.

Miscarriage is most common during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy and it is best to avoid anything that may increase the chances of pregnancy loss and complications.

You may still look like you did pre-pregnancy but you are carrying precious cargo and you don’t want to put your baby at risk. 

Read the signs

There will be safety signs on the rides stating whether the attraction is safe for pregnant women. Pay attention, if the sign says no then don’t risk it, it’s a no.

If you can’t see a warning sign but want to double-check before going on a ride, find a member of staff and ask them if the ride is safe for pregnant women. If they don’t know (they should know!) always err on the side of caution, especially if the slide looks fast and bumpy. 

Avoid the hot tub

Hot tubs and Jacuzzis should not be used during pregnancy. This is because hot water during pregnancy has been linked to complications and birth defects. Sitting in bubbling hot water is dangerous for your baby so you’re going to need to stay away from any hot tubs at the waterpark. 

Avoid the wave pool

As your pregnancy progresses your sense of balance will start to change. As you are getting used to walking around with a new center of gravity, now is probably not the best time to be standing in lots of crashing waves.

Wave pools are great fun but can be dangerous during pregnancy. The waves may make you unsteady on your feet and if the pool is busy there is a risk someone may bump into you and knock you over or accidentally crash into your pregnant stomach.  

Stay hydrated and avoid overheating

A trip to the waterpark is usually an activity reserved for those long hot summer days, right? Waterparks are a great way to have fun in the sun and stay cool splashing in the water.

But it is important that you stay well hydrated and avoid overheating. Have regular breaks in the shade and just rest up under a parasol with a nice cold drink for a while. 

Can You Go In a Lazy River When Pregnant?

Reading the above list it may seem like there is no point in visiting a water park while pregnant. Whilst there are a lot of attractions you are going to have to miss out on if you are a mom-to-be, not everything is off-limits.

You can still take a trip around a lazy river while pregnant, as all you will be doing is floating around on an inflatable. Lazy rivers do not pose any significant risk to you or your baby during pregnancy but you may want to avoid if it is overly crowded.

As it is safe to swim during pregnancy, you do not have to be concerned about chlorine and you can still have fun splashing around in the pool. So while slides and hot tubs may be off-limits, you can still spend time safely in the pool during a trip to the waterpark while pregnant. 


Is it safe to swim in a chlorine pool while pregnant?

Yes, it is safe to swim in a chlorinated pool while you are pregnant and in fact, swimming is one of the healthiest activities a pregnant woman can do. It offers pregnant women the chance to be weightless in the water, this is especially relaxing during the third trimester.

Can swimming in cold water harm my unborn baby?

It is very much going to depend on what cold is to you.

The temperature of the water can be too cold while you are pregnant as the system within your body that regulates your temperature isn’t quite as effective as it normally is.

This means that if the water is particularly cold it could potentially lead to a drop in your core body temperature which could lead to serious health problems.

Is it ok to swim in a lake while pregnant?

Staying active while you are pregnant is very important and swimming is a great option for exercise as it supports your growing bump as well as your joints and muscles. There are a few precautions that you should take when swimming in a lake while pregnant – check them out here.

The Final Thought 

Waterparks are a fun day out for people of all ages but pregnant women must take extra care when visiting one. Slides and rides often pose too much of a risk to the safety of your unborn baby and must be avoided during pregnancy.

If you do want to visit a waterpark while pregnant, make sure you follow all the safety guidelines and avoid using any attractions with signs stating they are unsafe for pregnant women. 

You can still have fun during your pregnancy but it is not worth doing anything that will put your baby at risk. If slides are your favorite part of a day out to the waterpark, maybe wait until your baby is here and then you won’t have to miss out on any of the fun.

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