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Is OxiClean Safe For Baby Clothes?

Babies come with a whole host of messes and stains. They spill things, they spit up, and there’s a constant risk of diaper explosions, all leaving some crazy stains on your little one’s clothes.

In order to tackle these serious stains, you might be wondering if OxiClean is safe for baby clothes. Here we have all the information that you need to determine whether OxiClean is a safe fit for your little one’s delicate clothes. 

What Is OxiClean?

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Powder, 5 lbs.

OxiClean is an oxygen-based stain remover that works when it is activated by water. When you add water to the formula, it begins to bubble and is effective on all sorts of tough and stubborn stains. OxiClean is made up of all types of active ingredients which help to break down stains. 

The formula contains soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, and sodium carbonate, which all work together to bubble up. When the bubbling happens, oxygen molecules are released and they work to loosen the stains on your clothes which are then rinsed away in the wash. 

There are no harsh chemicals in OxiClean, and the product isn’t harmful to the environment, so you don’t need to worry about skin allergies or irritation from the ingredients. 

OxiClean also doesn’t include any strong scents or perfumes, which can be irritating on the skin, so you don’t need to worry about scents affecting your little one’s skin. 

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Stain Remover – Is It Really Needed?

Stains often occur when a chemical reaction happens and the stain molecules from food, dirt, or other liquids bind to the fibers of the fabric. Changes in temperature or added substances like water can change the chemical bond between the stain molecules and the fibers. 

Stains like milk which are protein-based, as well as oil and fat-based stains, are difficult to get out of materials and usually require another chemical to change the bond and remove the stain.

This is when a stain remover like OxiClean is useful, for preserving your little one’s clothes and getting as much use from them as possible. 

Is OxiClean Safe For Baby Clothes?

OxiClean is safe for baby clothes and can be used to remove all types of stains from all types of fabrics, such as clothes, pillows, toys, and sheets.

However, there is also OxiClean Baby Stain Remover, which is formulated specifically for use on baby clothes, and maybe a good option for you if you are concerned about the effects of regular OxiClean on your baby’s skin. 

What Stains Can OxiClean Remove?

As your little one becomes more active, wriggling, crawling, and eventually even walking and running, you are likely to find all sorts of stains on their clothes.

And as they grow and become a bit more boisterous, this will only get worse, and you need a stain remover you can rely on. 

OxiClean is a great go-to stain remover for fixing all manner of stains. It can remove everything from sticky fruit stains and chocolate on lights, to spit-up and diaper blowouts. 

Many parents love to make use of hand-me-downs, both to help save money and for sentimentality.

You’ll likely receive so many baby clothes as gifts from well-wishers that some of your baby’s things will be barely worn and like new; perfect for passing on to a younger sibling, cousin, or friend.

However, if there is a bit of an age gap, you might find some of your baby clothes are looking a little worse for wear once they have been removed from storage or the back of a closet.

Or, you may have received some lovely items from a friend or family member that are just in need of a good clean. Soaking any pre-loved items in hot water with OxiClean will loosen any stubborn stains and have your second-hand baby clothes looking new in no time. 

OxiClean is also a great budget-friendly option for keeping your little one’s wardrobe in tip-top condition. We all know how costly your little one’s wardrobe can be, and you can purchase huge tubs of OxiClean for just a few dollars. 

If you have a smaller stain, some parents note that they scrub at the stain with a toothbrush dipped in water and OxiClean before washing with a normal load of laundry. 

How To Remove Stains From Baby Clothes With OxiClean

If you’ve decided to opt for OxiClean as a stain remover for your baby’s delicate clothes, then you might be wondering what the best way to remove stains is. OxiClean may not remove every stain perfectly, but it will likely make a big difference to some tough stains.

Follow these steps to give your baby’s garments the best care they can get. 

  1. Set your washer on a hot water cycle. You should fill the OxiClean scoop to line 2-4 per gallon of water, and then submerge your stained items in the liquid. You should add more OxiClean depending on how tough the stain is. 
  2. Soak your items for a few hours, adding more time for tougher stains. Soak for up to six hours, but on tougher stains, you might consider leaving overnight. 
  3. Once your item has been soaked, wash in a regular wash with laundry detergent and a scoop of OxiClean. 

Natural Stain Remover Alternatives

If you’d prefer to use a more natural stain remover on your little one’s clothes, there are plenty of options. Here are some of our favorites. 

White Vinegar

Something as simple as white vinegar makes an excellent stain remover. The most effective way to use this is to dab the vinegar onto the stain and leave it for a while.

If it’s a tougher stain, mix some vinegar with regular detergent and water and soak the item in the solution. After your item has soaked for a while, wash the items in a regular wash.

Essential Oil

A lemon essential oil can be a great stain remover. Apply directly to the stain and wash off. If you have a tougher stain, mix your essential oil with vinegar in some water and soak the garments.

Then wash your item in a regular load. Try not to let essential oils sit on your garments for too long as this can cause discoloration. 

Baking Soda

Mix your baking soda with vinegar to make a stain remover paste. Apply this paste to the stain and let the garment sit for a while. Once this is done, wash your items as you normally would, and you should see your stains lift with ease. 


Borax is a powerful stain remover that helps to soften hard water and remove odors. It is easily purchased at most stores, however, if you are using borax as a stain remover, you should ensure that it is washed out of items properly, as it can cause irritation. 


What stain remover is safe for baby clothes?

Most stain removers are perfectly safe for use on baby clothes, but if you are concerned, consider using a baby-specific formula.

Most brands carry a formula specifically for babies, such as OxiClean Baby Stain Fighter, which is perfect for tough stains but is still gentle on your little one’s delicate skin.

Dapple Stain Remover Spray is another great option that makes targeting specific stains a breeze. There are also plenty of natural options that work perfectly on baby clothes to remove stains. 

Can I use vinegar on baby clothes?

Vinegar is a great stain remover for your little one’s clothes, especially mixed with other household items, like essential oils and baking soda.

Apply the vinegar, or the vinegar mixture to the item and let it soak for a while before laundering your item as normal. This should help to remove the stain. Vinegar can also be used as an odor remover for any clothes that are not smelling their best. 

The Final Thought

Babies go through a huge amount of clothing as they grow so quickly, so a reliable stain remover is a must for dealing with life’s little surprises. OxiClean is is a great option for taking care of all your stubborn stains.

If you’re concerned about OxiClean being a bit tough on your little one’s skin, you can also opt for OxiClean’S Baby Stain Fighter which is formulated especially for babies.

You might also want to opt for something a little more natural, such as white vinegar, or baking soda, or a borax mixture. 

Whatever you decide, the most important thing is that your baby is happy and comfortable! And if you’re having trouble with some especially tough stains, check out How To Get Poop Stains Out Of Clothes.