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I Dream Of Having a Baby Girl While Pregnant – What Does It Mean?

Is it that you’re sleeping more or is it just that your pregnancy hormones being on overdrive are making your dreams a lot more vivid and crazy?

You aren’t the only one asking this, so don’t worry if you’re waking up freaked out or wondering where you’re at because your dreams are so vivid.

The truth is, that this is a question asked by many ladies during pregnancy – for some reason dreams become increasingly real and can range from happy to scary to strange in the matter of a week.

When becoming pregnant, you may pick up habits, new cravings, or even a new pants size – but dreams are something rarely thought of upon finding out you’re pregnant.

We all know to expect new cravings…but no one is out there advocating that you should prepare for some crazy-weird dreams at any point in your pregnancy.

A few of my pregnancy dreams, I still recall to this day – they were truly that vivid.

Vivid dreams and even nightmares are reported more common during pregnancy

If you aren’t used to remembering your dreams, you could start to during your pregnancy. It isn’t uncommon for women to recall their dreams at a greater capacity once they become pregnant.

This could mean you feel your dreams more vividly(if prone to remembering dreams already) or it can mean that you start remembering what dreams you have(if you don’t usually recall your dreams).

Since researchers have a belief that dreams are a way for people to work through stuck trauma in their subconscious – could it be that pregnancy is the perfect time to clear out your subconscious? It’s very well possible.

Researchers have found that lots of mothers dream about the sex of their baby, their baby’s face, or the gender of their baby. This may be an integral way to prep mamma for her new baby.

Human mothers need resources from deep within to cope with the coming shifts in livelihood that come with having a girl or a boy baby.

I dreamt of having a girl baby during my pregnancy now what?

Dreaming of a baby girl is a sign of optimism and positivity – you could be dreaming of a baby girl because you’re feeling positive toward your birth experience and the fact that you’re pregnant.

A baby girl can indicate that there is a feminist awakening happening in your life currently, and we have to agree, pregnancy can certainly bring out feminism that is stored within.

Baby girls being seen in dreams mean happiness and contentedness – what a good sure sign of this pregnancy!

If you dream of a baby girl it might be a sign that it’s time to find your peace and happiness

Sometimes we have dreams that are a symbol of positivity, in times of stress or strife.

If this is the spot you’re in right now and thing’s in your life are particularly challenging – dreaming of a baby girl could be a signal from within to source your happiness and peace.

At any time we have the ability to find personal happiness in our own lives. This is a necessary ingredient to a healthy pregnancy, and you just might be needing to find your peace to move forward happily in your own pregnancy.

Many times women find that their dreams give them a sign of what they’re striving for in real life. You might not know it yet, but the storm is close to ending if you dream of a baby girl – keep your mind focused on what good you can.

Finding your positivity again while pregnant can be especially hard, but sometimes all we need is a push in the right direction to accomplish sourcing such personal happiness again.

Take your dream of a girl baby as a sign to look in the direction of what makes you happy, and anchor onto that over the next months.

It’s not uncommon for life to feel out of control during pregnancy, which can make dreams especially intense. Can a pregnant lady catch a break? Hopefully, your dream is an encouragement to let go, so that a more peaceful tone can surface.

Serenity, oh wonderful serenity, I ask you to come into my pregnancy to stay

Having a dream of a baby girl just might be the perfect way to implement more self-love and serenity in unity – ponder on the key features of your dream to see if it makes sense to certain aspects of your life.

There may or may not be an indication of what needs more serenity emulated toward it from your being. Serenity is the act of being calm in the eye of a storm, or the bustle of a city, or an ever-changing life.

Serenity is needed in the midst of your changing emotions, body, and life structure. Aim to guide yourself toward serenity if you dream of having a baby girl.

You can use the dream as a focal point when searching for your own sense of peace and calm during pregnancy.

Many ladies who dream of a baby girl – awaken with a greater sense of calmness and comfort. If this is you, then ride it out as long as possible.

Dreaming of a girl can indicate that you’re really having a girl baby

Oftentimes women have dreams of their actual baby, give or take a few differences from the real-life version once your baby is born. Dreaming of a baby girl could mean that you are having a daughter.

In all of my 5 pregnancies, I dreamt of the gender of my baby in the first trimester. It turned out to be spot-on scary now that I think back to it.

I actually knew subconsciously what gender my babies were – sometimes I was just changing a diaper in my dream – while other dreams were of facial features of my baby boy or girl.

If you have a dream of a baby girl you just might be(as many other women have as well), be dreaming of your future baby. Jot your dream down in a pregnancy journal to see how close your baby resembles the baby in your pregnancy dream.

Have you been feeling more mature recently?

It turns out that dreaming of a baby girl indicates a time period of growth or maturity in your life. This makes sense especially if you’re pregnant too because it does take maturity to become a mother.

Maturity means that you can fully take responsibility for your life, emotions, and perspective in life.

If you find that your dream of a baby girl is in a specific setting or something stands out about the dream, that piece of your dream might help you interpret a deeper meaning behind your dream.

For instance, if you dream of yourself holding a baby girl or towering over a baby girl – it can mean you’re recognizing the responsibility it takes to become a mother.

That you are the sole provider for your baby, and this is your nurturing side speaking to you about motherhood.

Being aware of oneself is key to providing an optimal environment for your baby and yourself as a whole – together. Growing a baby in your womb forces you to grow; not only physically but emotionally as well.

See this point in your life as a timeframe to implement strategies to support your growth and maturity that will propel you into motherhood.

A baby girl in your dream reminds you that you have a baby on board, and this fills you with inner strength and resiliency.

Giving birth requires the power of motherhood, this is the power you’ll likely find within throughout your pregnancy – a baby girl dreams proves this power exists through motherhood.

Awakening your inner child occurs when you dream of a baby girl

If it seems like you’re taking care of the baby girl in your dreams, it could mean that a deeply rooted event or aspect of your own inner child is being processed.

Taking care of a baby, especially a girl baby indicates an area of vulnerability within you. Your dream heavily relies on your life experience, dreams occur from recent events in our lives or distant memories.

Your subconscious is a powerful processing tool in which a series of images, feelings, and sometimes even smells can happen within your mind.

If you can think back to a vulnerable time in your childhood, or recently that makes you feel vulnerable – this could be the source of your baby girl dream.

It can be your mind releasing the emotions that tag along with vulnerable moments that happen in childhood.

Why do people dream or have nightmares?

Your most vivid dreams will happen during a cycle of sleep call REM sleep or Rapid Eye Movement, this is when your mind creates images and stories with your imagination.

Dreaming can inflict a range of emotions and feelings, they can even represent what’s really happening in your life.

Many people find personal meaning in their dreams, thus guiding themselves through life with the messages from their dreams.

If you look up the meaning behind a certain type of dream, it’s certain that you’ll be able to find an article about what you dreamt about.

It’s common for people to want to understand their dreams upon waking. You’ll find that you can remember your dreams the best directly after waking up, you can keep a dream journal if you’d like to reflect on your dreams later in the day.

Types of dreams that people have about babies in general

There are many types of dreams that people have regarding babies, ranging from certain distinct experiences having to do with a baby in general.

These dreams are thought to have meaning by many dream studiers, let’s go over the most common ways that people dream of babies.

A baby that is crying in your dream means disappointment

If you wake up from a dream about a baby crying it indicates that you’re entering a disappointing time in your life – or you are currently in one. A baby crying is stressful to any person regardless of how resilient you are.

Stress, emptiness, and striving to find happiness after a stressful event or experience all resonate with a crying baby in your dream.

Try to focus on the positive in your life if you dream of a crying baby, even if there is very little happiness currently – it’ll pay off!

If you see yourself nursing a baby in your dream it means excitement

Nursing a baby in your dream indicates excitement. First off, to be able to nurse a baby physically there is a level of maturity that has to occur – and nursing a baby in your dream indicates this maturity.

In addition to your newfound physical maturity, there is also a growth in resiliency that will take place in your life.

Not only has your physical ability to care for another human being proved your capability – but it has also proven you’re a responsible and capable adult now.

Dreaming of a dancing baby is weird and could indicate the future abilities of your baby

If you find a strange little baby dancing in your dream – despite being goofy and fun – it can indicate that your future child has the potential to become a performer later on in life.

Don’t be surprised if your baby winds up being the center of the room or loves to dance.

If you changed a soiled diaper in your dream good fortune is heading your way

If you’re struggling right now financially and had a dream of changing your baby’s dirty diaper, keep your head up – good fortune is heading your way.

Some cultures believe that this dream of changing a dirty diaper indicates that you will have a fortune of wealth and good luck coming your way.

Babies are said to bring wealth and abundance on their own, so having a dream of cleaning a soiled diaper could mean an overabundance in this area. Be thankful you had this dream about changing a little one’s dirty diaper.

If the baby you’re dreaming of is sleeping it could indicate a variety of different meanings

Babies sleeping in dreams can show a lack of awareness in your life, and point you in the direction of focus.

Oftentimes pregnancy can be a time of confusion and lack of direction – if you are a person who likes direction and clarity – dreaming of a sleeping baby could mean you feel a lack of focus from within.

If you feel this is true for your life, then try to regain focus to calm your subconscious. Write a list and some goals down for the next few weeks.

Or if that seems too far off, with morning sickness getting through the day can be difficult during pregnancy – then just focus on being in the present moment today.

What is a dream diary and should I keep one?

When you’re pregnant your blood flow and brain are on overdrive – optimal blood flow to your brain results in incredibly vivid dreams. You could have vivid dreams often, sometimes even feeling as though they’re real.

Your dreams are special during this important time in your life, and it may be so astonishing to you that you choose to keep a dream diary.

Dream diaries are kept by many pregnant women, and you can find ones designed especially for pregnancy just about anywhere.

A dream diary becomes a formal keepsake later on down the road, the goal is to be as honest and open as possible about your dreams.

When you look back at the dreams you had during pregnancy, later on, you might be surprised at how wild your dreams were.

What details to write in your dream diary

At first, your dream diaries might seem ‘all over the place’ but as you continue to write they will feel as though they have more meaning to them. Or at least you can begin analyzing the information better as your pregnancy continues.

You can write down the dreams you find to be the most vivid, or you can write down all of your dreams completely. Keep your diary write by your bed! (pun intended), so that you can write in it directly after waking up.

This keeps what just went on in your brain fresh, and ready to be analyzed by you later.

You might find that it sounds silly to write everything down in your dream diary, but try not to feel this way – it can be a great way to solve problems in a beneficial manner.

Write the date of your dream and the time upon waking

Basically, write down any detail that you can think of in every aspect of your dreams. Are there any smells, certain people around, are you in a distinctive environment? All of these questions are helpful when dream journaling.

How did you feel in your dream and did time seem apparent? Frankly, you can write your dream or even draw it any way you’d like to!

This is your space, and no one will be looking in it (unless you’d like them to) so feel free to be creative and uniquely – you!

Sometimes thoughts are better told in drawings, and if this is the case, add colors if necessary or whatever shapes, images, or drawings you feel should be included. It’s interesting to see how dreams can be translated over time into your diary.

After you’ve drawn or written your dream you can compare it to your real life

Give it some time after you’ve written or drawn your dream and then get to work deciphering your dream – this can be difficult or easy-peasy.

It seems to help the most if you do this after you’ve recorded at least a week of dreams in your diary – that way you can pick up on themes or commonalities.

For instance, if you keep having the same dream over it can indicate that you are actually having problems in real life that you’re trying to work through.

Researching the meaning behind your dreams in depth is a good way to note what is happening in your dreams.

Don’t forget to have fun when you dream journal it’s really about getting to know yourself on a deeper level

After all is said and dreamed, it’s important to have fun with dream journaling! It can be a sure way to get to know yourself better. Your mind is especially interesting during pregnancy due to the flux in hormones and blood flow.

This is a time to look within and open up to yourself and your new baby. It can be frustrating to not have a clear sight of everything happening in your personal dream world.

There is only so much you can do beyond keeping a diary for your dreams. So remember to have fun with this.

In Conclusion

Dreaming during pregnancy is a highly interesting topic amongst the parenting community.

We don’t always know what it means to dream of a baby girl in our dream, but we can do our best to decipher our dreams by journaling about them or talking with our partners out loud about dreams.

Many women remember their dreams during pregnancy long after their pregnancy is over.

es, dreams can be that vivid when growing another human. Dreams are a very special way for your imagination and subconscious to take over for a bit, you kinda just have to roll with it.


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