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Hypnobabies Review

Hypnobabies is your go-to place for hypnosis to help you get through labor, with or without medicine. They offer a wide variety of tools to help you manage through a natural delivery.

If you’re planning a water birth or hoping for a natural delivery, the techniques that are advertised on are definitely worth looking into. 

A Natural Delivery Can Be Almost Pain-Free With The Right Tools

When I had my first daughter, I didn’t have an epidural. My pain management techniques were working so wonderfully that the doctors said I wasn’t far enough along to go to the hospital when I called.

They said that every hour when I called them back. By the time that I got to the hospital I was dilated to 9 centimeters, they could feel the baby’s head, and my beautiful baby girl was born an hour later. 

Pushing her out was the most painful part of the process. So, when I had my son, I went to the hospital as soon as I felt contractions.

I was determined to get that epidural! However, that wasn’t picture perfect either. I was sick. The epidural didn’t work properly.

Then, when I received more of the medicine it took longer to wear off. I couldn’t feel half of the lower half of my body until the next morning, which was very scary. 

My daughter, however, opted for a water birth. This wound up not being possible as her son was ready to be born earlier than that, but we did begin the process of taking birthing classes, etc. (this was a requirement to have a water birth.)

Through those classes, I learned a great deal about methods of pain management during labor and some key things that will work. Many of these things coincide perfectly with Hypnobabies.

The views that were taught in child birthing classes to prepare mothers for natural childbirth are even the same! While we didn’t get to enjoy the birthing process, we did learn a lot of things that will, hopefully, help you through your journey. 

What Is Self Hypnosis?

Hypnobabies is a form of self-hypnosis. This is commonly used to relieve pain, change a person’s outlook on something (such as the fear associated with giving birth), or even to stop smoking!

While most people associate hypnosis with laying on a comfortable couch in a therapist’s office, this is only in movies.

Self-hypnosis takes place in a location that you are comfortable in. Self-hypnosis can easily be taught. Self-hypnosis produces the same results as other forms of hypnosis. 

Are Self Hypnosis And Meditation The Same Things?

No, self-hypnosis and meditation aren’t the same things. Meditation aims to help a person relax at the present moment.

This usually involves a person focusing on something at that moment in time to relax, such as by using deep breathing methods. Self-hypnosis involves being in a trance-like state that makes you more open to suggestions.

When you are practicing self-hypnosis, you would also be the person giving yourself those suggestions or would hear them via a CD or MP3. This is extremely common. Meditation does not make a person more open to suggestions. 

Can You Really Use Self Hypnosis To Relieve Pain?

Yes! This isn’t just a claim made by Hypnobabies. According to this article, this is a great way to relieve pain from arthritis too! Science also supports self-hypnosis as an effective way to promote pain relief.

The amount of relief that’s provided usually depends on the person. It’s important to remember that this takes diligent practice to guarantee that it will provide relief during labor.

Some people are a bit more susceptible to hypnosis than others. For example: 

  • People that have previously been hypnotized
  • Those that know someone that has been hypnotized
  • People that do not have anxiety or fear regarding hypnosis
  • Anyone that is able to focus quickly on things without having their attention stray easily
  • Those that practice yoga or meditation

These people are easier to hypnotize, which means that you’ll probably pick up on self-hypnosis quicker than other people. However, if you aren’t on that list, it doesn’t mean that all hope is lost.

People that are new to self-hypnosis are still more than capable of learning. It might require more practice than a person that has previously been hypnotized, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.

Remember, the more open you are to hypnosis, the more positive results you will see.

online learning

Hypnobabies is a program that’s designed specifically to help treat labor pain so that you can enjoy pain-free labor. Some women choose to rely only on self-hypnosis to do the trick.

Others prefer a range of therapies, such as hypnotherapy, hydrotherapy, massages, and essential oils. Whatever your birth plan may be, it can be nice to have as many tools in your toolbox as possible. 

Women Have Had Wonderful Experiences With Hypnobabies

A study was conducted on almost 300 women that used Hypnobabies, and the results were astounding. Of these women, a mere 11 reported that it simply didn’t work.

Almost 3/4 of women reported that they only had mild cramping during labor. Other women reported that visualization techniques were helpful and that their labor plan went perfectly according to schedule.

You can check out YouTube reviews here, too.


Ordering Early In The Pregnancy Is Important

Self-hypnosis requires practice, and this isn’t a one size fits all method. Some women will enjoy the six-week course and immediately be capable of self-hypnosis.

Other women will require more time to practice. Most people don’t know which end of the spectrum they will fall on until they begin to practice. Ordering early will give you more time to practice with. 

It’s All Online And Self Paced

One of the things that I love about this is that you can do the program when you want to. The program, and everything that comes with it, can be ordered online.

Learning material that needs to be read can be downloaded in a PDF format. Music can easily be downloaded in MP3 format. There are no classroom sessions or boring lectures.

The only criterion is that you have to work through it, and you need to have an additional 45-60 minutes per day to practice to help it be as effective as possible during labor. If you don’t practice, the chances are very slim that it will be helpful. 

You Can Start With The Free Track

While I’m a big fan of hypnosis, and plenty of women have had wonderful experiences, it’s not for everyone. You can start by ordering a free hypnosis track to listen to that can help you relax.

This can help you decide whether you’re headed down the right path. If you practice with the free track and feel relaxed, you can check out some of the other things that they have available. 

Hypnobabies Has Multiple Components

While researching this product, one of the things that I discovered is that it offers a lot of things for pregnant women, such as nutrition advice. There are visualization techniques.

Then, there is, of course, self-hypnosis. You can use whatever parts of the program work for you, and not worry about the rest. If low, relaxing music is not your thing, utilize different parts that work well with what is already part of your labor plan. 

Finally, Enjoy A Pain-Free Labor!

First, use the free trial version to see if self-hypnosis is for you. Then, try the rest of the course! 

It’s a six-week course that can help you throughout your pregnancy, and your postpartum period. One of the things that I adore about methods like this is that it doesn’t require medication.