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How to Write a Baby Registry Greeting: 3 Sample Messages

When you create a baby registry, particularly one on Amazon, you have the option to create a special greeting that anyone who visits your baby registry will see.

This is a great opportunity to say a few things to people and to give them important information that they might want to know.

This article will help you decide what to write in this greeting, and provide samples to make sure that your message comes off exactly how you want to. 

What To Include In A Baby Registry Greeting

When you’re writing a baby registry greeting, it’s important to include a few key elements. You want to be nice and upbeat.

At the same time, you’ll want to include answers to questions that most people will have before shopping for your little bundle of joy. 

Say Thank You

Saying thank you in the beginning is a great way to welcome people to your baby registry. It also shows them that appreciate both the gift and the thought. Let them know that you enjoy receiving their love and support. 

The Baby’s Name

Some people enjoy buying personalized keepsake items. If you have personalized items on your registry, it’s important to let people know the name. 

This is also a great idea so that people can write the baby’s name on a card if they include one with the gift.

You can easily include the name in the registry welcome message by simply stating something along the lines of “we can’t wait to finally meet Ashley.”

Gender Or Gender Neutral

Some people prefer to know the gender of the baby before it’s born, but there are always those of us that want to wait until it’s time to meet our little one.

People won’t know which way you’re going unless you tell them as both are extremely popular today. Let everyone know via your welcome message whether it’s a boy or girl, or whether you’d prefer gender-neutral items. 

If there is a particular gender-neutral color you don’t care for, such as how some people don’t like yellow because they feel that it’s more for girls, consider adding a note about that.

Instead of saying that you would rather people not buy yellow, you can simply state what your favorite colors for the baby currently are. 

Preferences For Books, Clothes, And Things You Need

If you are in need of something, feel free to mention it. Parents that would like something in particular, such as children’s books from a certain author, can also mention those.

Clothing is a popular option, and you can mention what you need in the clothing department. For example, if your little one has plenty of footed pajamas, but still needs socks, speak up.

A lot of people, myself included, prefer to buy expecting mothers something they will need versus another pair of pajamas to be thrown in the stack. 

A Nursery Theme Or Colors

A few of my favorite things to pick up were decorations for the grandbaby’s nursery. My daughter decorated the nursery with clouds, the moon, and stars. It looked beautiful against the blue paint on the walls.

If you’re planning on a specific theme or color combination, that can be mentioned in the welcome message too. It’s always a great idea to tell people what you need and want. There are so many that have no idea what to get you!

Don’t Forget The Necessities

People that prefer to buy something you’ll need to help you out later on down the road, such as giant boxes of diapers, wipes, baby shampoo, etc. might feel bad if you don’t specify that you will appreciate it as well.

A simply closing of “we can always use more diapers, wipes, etc.” or letting people know that “we have plenty of newborn diapers, but can always use other sizes” is a great way to get that message across. 

Sample Baby Registry Greetings

It can take some time and thought to decide what to put in your baby registry greeting. Here are some great ideas that you can re-word a bit to make them your own. Simply change the name, color or nursery theme, etc. to suit your personal situation. 

Sample Greeting #1

Welcome to our baby registry! We’re ecstatic to welcome Alliyah into the world with you! Thank you for taking the time to check out our baby registry. The nursery will be decorated in light pink and white. We haven’t chosen a particular theme, though. We have plenty of clothing and receiving blankets, but can use a lot more books and toys for her to play with. We can also always use diapers, wipes, gas relief drops, and teething gel. We can’t wait for you to meet her!

Sample Greeting #2

Hello! We’re excited to welcome our little one into the world with you! Thanks for stopping by our baby registry. I’ve decided to wait until the bun in the oven is cooked before discovering whether we’ll need pink or blue, so most of the items on the list are in neutral colors. We’ll be decorating the nursery in grey and white, and adding pink or blue accents after the delivery. We’ve got plenty of books and toys, but could definitely use the necessities, like diapers and a thermometer. We’ve added those to the registry. However, don’t feel obligated to buy something from the list. We’d love for you to add your personality to the gift too! It’s all about love! Thank you!

Sample Greeting #3

Thank you for taking the time to stop by our baby registry! We’re really excited to welcome Dylan into the world with you! We’ve included a little bit of everything in our baby registry because we want your gift to be full of your love! We have plenty of clothing and necessities, so please don’t feel obligated to buy us diapers! We love you! 

In Conclusion

It can be hard to write a baby registry greeting if you’ve never written one before, but these samples will give you something to use for yours. Don’t forget to include the name, gender, nursery theme, and to say thank you!