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How to Mask the Taste of Tamiflu Liquid

Tamiflu is effective at treating flu-like symptoms in children, and it can quickly relieve their discomfort. But administering medicine is an entirely different story. The flavor leaves much to be desired.

Children don’t need advanced culinary palates to understand that this medicine doesn’t go down as quickly as their favorite foods. Therefore, if you wish to learn more about tricking your tot into taking their medicine, keep reading!

How to Get a Child to Take Liquid Tamiflu

There are a few ways you can administer the medicine successfully. Try a few of these tips to get them feeling better in no time.

Give Them the Illusion of Choice

When your little one feels under the weather, they may feel overwhelmed by their loss of control in the situation.

They may lash out and throw a tantrum every time you try to give their medicine. They may also not understand that the medication will make them feel better when forced on them.

Try to give them the illusion of choice. With this, they have an illusion of control. Instead of asking if they want to take their medicine (it’ll be an automatic NO if you ask them this question), ask them HOW they want their medicine given to them.

Perhaps in a cup, or maybe a syringe? Ask them if they want their medicine now, or if they’d instead take it after nap time.

Giving them an ultimatum can make them feel like they are in control, so they won’t focus on how unappealing the medicine is. ‘No’ won’t be a proper answer when you phrase the question right.

mother giving medicine to daughter

Find a Form of Medicine That Works for Them

If you’re struggling to give your child their medicine, perhaps they’re not fans of how you’re administering the medication and not the medicine itself. Experiment with liquid or chewable tablets and test how they respond best.

Find a Creative Way to Give Them Their Medicine

Kids love games and playing make-believe, so turn this awful chore into something that they’ll enjoy instead! Play a role-playing game where their medicine is an antidote for poison while playing a game of pirates.

The medicine can also serve as a magic potion, meant to help you on a quest when playing a game of wizards, dragons, and princesses.

You can try putting the medicine in a creative spoon shaped like a plane or train.

Explain to Your Child the Wonders of Medicine

If your child is old enough and can grasp this concept, sit them down, and have a conversation with them. Ask them if they like feeling sick. No one likes it, of course!

Then, tell them that the only way that they can feel better is to take their medicine. Remind them what it’s like to feel strong, healthy, and full of energy. Narrate their favorite memory to them.

Did they have a fun outing at Disneyland or on a school field trip? After creating this positive imagery, remind them that feeling that good is only one sip of Tamiflu away.

Reward Your Child

If getting better isn’t a strong enough reason, give them a better form of motivation. Tell them that once they’re feeling better, you’ll take them to their favorite park or museum. Also, motivate them with their favorite meal or dessert.

Do Something Fun While Giving Them Their Medicine

If your child is wrapped up doing something fun and entertaining, they may not even notice Tamiflu’s undesirable taste.

Play their favorite movie, TV show, or song and wait for them to become absorbed with the distraction. Then, give them their serving of medicine.

doctor giving medicine to child

Know When to Tell Them to Take Their Medicine

Timing is everything when it comes to giving your child their medicine. If you know that they are particularly grumpy in the mornings, wait until the middle of the day to avoid any meltdowns.

Take the Tamiflu With Them

Be a positive role model in your own home. Try not to complain about taking your own medicine when you’re sick. You can also pour yourself your serving of medicine and drink it with them. Of course, swap yours with water or tea at the last second.

Try Reverse Psychology

Reverse psychology can also work if they refuse to take their medicine. Tell your child that you have a unique and secret beverage that they aren’t allowed to drink until they’re older.

Maybe state that they probably ‘wouldn’t want it.’ If this peaks their curiosity, administer the medicine.

Allow Them to Give Themselves Their Own Medicine

Make your child feel more independent and tell them they can administer their own medicine. Leave it on the counter for them, prepped and ready to go. Like the ultimatum method, this gives them the illusion that they are making their own choice.

They’ll feel all grown up and excited about making such an important decision for themselves.

Disguise the Taste With Food

You can use liquid or food. In this section, we’re going to discuss how to use their favorite foods to combat the taste. You can try layering something over the medicine. Pour some in a spoon and cover the top with whipped cream. You can also use yogurt.

How to Make Tamiflu Taste Better

What to Mix with Tamiflu

If you choose to mix the Tamiflu to hide the taste, consider these next beverages.

Can You Mix Tamiflu with Milk?

They may notice the color change in the milk, so squirt in some chocolate to syrup to further mask the taste and explain the change in color. You can also use cocoa powder to add a nice chocolatey flavor to the milk.

Additionally, use soy or almond milk if your child is lactose intolerant.

Can You Mix Tamiflu with Juice?

This is perhaps one of the best ways to hide the taste of Tamiflu! It mixes well with sugary juice. Prepare this version in a glass or cut a hole in their juice box. Then, hide a cup of medicine inside.

mother giving drink to sick daughter

Can You Mix Tamiflu with Baby Formula?

Lastly, try mixing your child’s dose of Tamiflu with baby formula. Don’t go out of your way to purchase formula if you don’t have an infant. However, if you’re bottle-feeding your little one, use these ingredients that you already have around the house.

To prepare this version, follow these steps.

  • Empty one tablet of Tamiflu into a small mixing bowl
  • Add three teaspoons of water to the bowl
  • Add some formula or breastmilk and a bit of sugar to the mixture and serve it to your child


One of the biggest challenges parents is having to force their children to take their medicine. On the one hand, it will make them healthier, but if your kids are resistant to medicine, it can often feel like torture.

To make this process as seamless as possible, try implementing some of these top tips to make the entire ordeal a pleasant situation, not something that can potentially cause a toddler tantrum!