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Hello Bello Diaper Review – Are These Plant Based Organic Diapers Any Good?

Parents in 2024 are more eco-conscious than ever before and are often looking for organic and plant-based baby products.

When it comes to diapers, if you want to be toxin-free and use natural materials, cloth diapers are your best option. However, not all parents want to use cloth diapers and this is where plant-based diapers come in.

Hello Bello Diaper Review - Are These Plant Based Organic Diapers Any Good?

Many disposable diapers are made with chemicals that harm the environment and could potentially harm your baby’s skin.

Plant-based organic diapers make a great eco-friendly alternative to standard disposable diapers and are more convenient and easier to use than reusable cloth diapers. Hello Bello diapers are plant-based, organic and one of the greenest options of disposable diapers. 

Keep reading for our review of the Hello Bello diapers and to see if they are worth the hype. Can plant-based organic diapers really be as good as established diaper brands like Pampers or Huggies?

Who Are Hello Bello?

Hello Bello is a family and baby company, co-founded by celebrities Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard. Hello Bello specializes in producing plant-based baby products that are affordable as well as of great quality. 

Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard believe all parents should be able to afford premium products for their children and Hello Bello sells home care products, vitamins, gifts, and clothes, as well as their plant-based diapers. 

Hello Bello make products that are better for your baby and the planet too. If you are an eco-conscious mom, switching to plant-based diapers can be the next step on your journey to a greener family life.  

Benefits Of Using Plant-Based Organic Diapers

If they are still ending up in the trash, is there really any benefit to using plant-based diapers? Well actually, there are lots of benefits to using plant-based diapers like Hello Bello. Let’s have a look at some of the key reasons parents choose plant-based diapers:

Better for the planet

Traditional disposable diapers are often made from materials and chemicals that are not biodegradable. It takes a disposable diaper around 500 years to break down.

Think of how many diapers end up in landfills each day. More compostable diapers are definitely the best option for the planet.

Whilst many plant-based diapers do still contain some synthetic materials, they are much kinder to the earth and many parts of the diaper are biodegradable.

Plastic materials from disposable diapers can also end up in the sea, threatening the safety of sea life and the health of our oceans. 

Kinder to your baby’s skin

The chemicals in disposable diapers can cause diaper rash. Diapers with a plant-based core will be kinder to your baby’s skin.

Often plant-based diapers have not been bleached with chlorine and contain fewer toxins. The more organic the diaper, the less likely your baby’s sensitive skin will become sore and irritated. 

Easier than cloth diapers

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Cloth diapers are the best way to go completely chemical-free when it comes to diapers. Unfortunately, not all parents have the time to be washing cloth diapers regularly or the income to purchase all the diapers they need upfront.

Plant-based diapers mean you still get to use an eco-friendly diaper that is gentle on your baby’s skin, but you don’t have to do all the extra laundry. 

Hello Bello Diaper Review 

We have always loved Pampers diapers and they have never let us down in keeping our children clean and dry.

However, many trusted and well-loved disposable diapers are absorbent, have a great fit, and are affordable, but they are not the best option if you are eco-conscious.

Disposable diapers take 500 years to decompose and around 20 billion diapers end up in landfills each year, in just America alone. Those numbers are pretty scary and let’s not forget all the chemicals in disposable diapers that we are putting so close to our precious baby’s skin. 

Let’s take a close look at Hello Bello plant-based organic diapers and see if they are really any good.

The Ingredients 

Hello Bello diapers are made with sustainably harvested fluff pulp which is totally chorine-free. Hello Bello does not use chlorine during the bleaching process, and this is much better for your baby’s skin.

The fact that the Hello Bello diapers are chlorine-free is great news for us. No one wants their baby’s butt next to the same stuff they use to clean swimming pools 24 hours a day!

Unfortunately, the Hello Bello diapers are not 100% toxin-free. They do have to use Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP), this is the substance that sucks the liquid away.

Research has found that SAP is not harmful to your baby’s skin but it is, unfortunately, not biodegradable.

Whilst we would love a completely organic diaper, without SAP the Hello Bello diapers would not absorb your baby’s pee and they would just leak everywhere.

It is important to note that all disposable diapers use Super Absorbent Polymer, only cloth diapers can use all-natural fibers and materials to absorb your baby’s urine.

The best planet-loving ingredient in the Hello Bello diapers is the plant-based absorbent core. Hello Bello lines the inside of their diapers with a corn-derived PLA nonwoven fiber.

pile of disposable diapers

This plant-based core is super absorbent and also completely biodegradable. We love that Hello Bello has tried their best to create a diaper that is as compostable as it can possibly be whilst also being absorbent enough to keep your baby happy and dry.

The Absorbency

Hello Bello plant-based diapers perform surprisingly well in terms of absorbency. You may think they would not be as absorbent without all the usual disposable diaper chemicals present.

However, due to the SAP, these diapers do still effectively draw liquid away from your baby’s skin where it is then locked into the biodegradable core.

If you have been a devoted Pampers user with your children, you may feel that plant-based diapers do not perform as well.

Whilst the internet has moms on both sides, some claiming plant-based isn’t as absorbent and others stating in reviews they experienced no leaks and blow out at all.

It is important to keep in mind this in the case for all diapers, not just Hello Bello. You will always find that a diaper that works amazingly for one baby, leaks all over the place for another.

The size and fit are important as if your baby is wearing the wrong size diaper they will be more prone to leaks, whether they are wearing a regular disposable or a plant-based diaper.

Hello Bello has a daytime and nighttime range of diapers. The daytime diapers do not perform as well when worn for prolonged stretches of time, if you are planning to use plant-based diapers at night you are best to opt for the Hello Bello overnight diaper.

Other brands like Pampers perform better overnight but you should not experience leaks and blowouts if you use the Hello Bello diapers specifically designed for nighttime use. 

The Size and Design

Saving the planet is of course, extremely important. However, finding a good fitting diaper is essential if you want your baby to feel comfortable and you want to limit the number of leaks and poop explosions you have to deal with.

As busy moms, we don’t have time to be changing diapers every time the baby decides to pee. 

Hello Bello is comparatively just as absorbent as other disposable diapers and they have a great fit too. The Hello Bello plant-based diapers come in 7 sizes and the newborn to size 2 diapers also have a handy wetness indicator.

We love diapers with a wetness indicator! This prevents any unnecessary diaper changes as you can see if your baby is wet or not before you go tearing into their diaper. 

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If you want to keep using plant-based diapers right up until you potty train your toddler, Hello Bello also offers training pants in 4 different sizes. 

We know that the most important thing about these diapers is the fact they use fewer chemicals and toxins than traditional disposables, but we just can’t get enough of the cute designs!

Hello Bello diapers come in several different prints, including hearts, lions, clouds, and many more.  They are definitely more adorable than the standard Pampers diapers, that’s for sure. 

The Cost 

It is all well and good to want to be kinder to the planet, but eco-friendly products are not always accessible and affordable for lower-income families. However, when compared to the cost of other disposables, both natural and standard, Hello Bello is in a similar price range.

Depending on what size you buy, where you buy them from, and if you purchase a bundle, Hello Bello diapers can cost around the same price as other mainstream diapers.

It has never been easier or kinder on your bank account to use more natural diapers for your baby. You may think that being co-founded by celebrities, there is no way a regular mom can afford Hello Bello diapers.

In fact, Kristen Bell and Dax Shephard believe plant-based products should be available to all families and have made sure the Hello Bello diapers are an affordable option for all.

The cheapest way to get Hello Bello diapers is to use their monthly subscription service. We love this!

You don’t have to do any middle-of-the-night trips to the store for diapers anymore, the Hello Bello subscriptions ensure you have all the supplies you need. Just choose your size/s, print, and the size of your bundle.

Hello Bello includes 4 packs of their baby wipes, a care product, and discounts too.

Having all your diaper change supplies just arrive in the post is such a lifesaver for us busy parents and with $16 off your first bundle, these natural diapers are actually cheaper than most other brands of diapers on the market.

Pros and Cons of Hello Bello Diapers 

We have looked at the ingredients, the performance, the size, the fit, and the cost, but what do we really think of Hello Bello diapers?

We have always been Pampers parents through and through but when looking to become more eco-conscious as a family, Hello Bello is definitely our diapers of choice.

If you are still on the fence, let’s take one last quick look at the pros and cons of Hello Bello plant-based diapers. 

Changing Baby Diapers


  • 100% biodegradable plant-based diaper core 
  • Free from chlorine processing, artificial fragrance, lotions, latex, TBT, DBT, and MBT
  • Just as absorbent as other mainstream disposable diapers 
  • Cute prints and designs 
  • Super soft material and comfortable fit 
  • Money-saving subscription service 
  • Available in 7 sizes and nighttime and toddler ranges available


  • Not 100% natural or organic 
  • Uses some chemicals, including SAP 
  • Not as kind to the planet as cloth diapers
  • Will need to use nighttime plant-based diaper for best performance overnight. 

Hello Bello FAQs

Do Hello Bello diapers cause a rash?

Your baby should not suffer from diaper rash when wearing Hello Bello plant-based diapers. These diapers are free from many of the synthetic materials and chemicals often found in disposable diapers.

The lack of latex, chlorine, artificial fragrances, and other toxic ingredients greatly reduces your child’s risk of developing diaper rash. 

Where To Buy Hello Bello diapers?

You can purchase Hello Bello diapers from the Hello Bello website and use their monthly bundle subscription service. Hello Bello is also available to buy in-store from their partnered retailers, including Walmart, Amazon, Kohls, and more.

Is Hello Bello diapers toxin-free?

No. Unfortunately, Hello Bello diapers are not completely toxin-free. They do contain more biodegradable components than other disposable diapers but they still rely on certain chemicals to be absorbent and clean for your baby.

Hello Bello is not toxin-free but they are definitely a kinder, plant-based option. 

The Final Thought

If you are looking to move to becoming more eco-conscious as a family, switching to plant-based diapers is a great place to start.

Whilst Hello Bello may not be 100% natural and organic, they do have more biodegradable components than standard disposable diapers, making them kinder to the planet and your baby’s skin.

Hello Bello is more affordable than other plant-based diapers and they look super cute too. Plant-based diapers perform much better than you may think. From a die-hard Pampers fan, you won’t be disappointed by Hello Bello.