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Can You Eat Hot Cheetos While Pregnant?

Pregnant women go through all sorts of cravings while they are pregnant. But different women crave different foods during this time, some crave fresh fruit, while others crave junk food frequently.

But why do pregnant women crave any type of food, is it because they are lacking in some sort of vitamin or mineral? Read on to find out why pregnant women have food cravings and if hot Cheetos are safe to eat while pregnant.

Why Pregnant Women Experience Food Cravings

Pregnancy cravings can be caused by a number of different things from hormones, a heightened sense of smell or taste, and nutritional deficiencies.

So if you find yourself getting some funny looks when you reach for a strange food combination, don’t panic you are certainly not alone. These are some of the most common food cravings that pregnant women have:


These are no doubt one of the most common food cravings for pregnant women.

If you find yourself rummaging through your fridge looking for these vinegar-soaked beauties it may well be because you have low sodium levels. But do not worry eat up as pickles are low in calories and are a really inexpensive snack to have to hand.


Did you know that chocolate contains a naturally occurring chemical called tryptophan, that produces serotonin in your brain? Serotonin excrete endorphins which help us to feel happy.

The simple way to look at it is that Serotonin makes us feel happy. But chocolate does have its downside and that is that it is usually high in fat and calories and is not a good option if consumed in large doses.

There are some ways to enjoy chocolate taste it without all the calories. Instead of eating an entire extra-large candy bar why not throw some chocolate chips into your yogurt, or drizzle some chocolate over some fresh strawberries.



Lemons are quite a common pregnancy craving. For many women adding lemon to their water happily satisfies their craving. But for others, they crave eating the fruit itself.

But you do need to be careful if you crave lemons like this as the juice from fresh lemons is known to erode tooth enamel which can cause painful and uncomfortable dental problems.


Many pregnant women drink soda to ease morning sickness. But soda contains large amounts of sugar meaning it is not a great choice, especially if you are dealing with gestational diabetes.

A better choice would be mineral water mixed with fruit juice or even lime.

Red Meat

Red meats are rich in both protein and iron. Those pregnant women who are suffering from iron or protein deficiency often crave red meats.

But red meats also have their downside in that too much of it can increase your risk of heart disease. The best way to enjoy red meat without posing a risk to your health is to opt for leaner cuts.

Spicy Food

During pregnancy, you often get tremendously hot and it is tough to cool down. But our bodies have a very clever natural way of getting us to cool down.

By craving spicy foods that we then eat, these foods make our bodies sweat and this naturally brings down your body’s temperature. If you are craving spicy food just make sure that they are baked and not fried so you are not consuming large amounts of calories.


Pregnant woman eating fresh red apple

Craving fruit when you are pregnant provides your baby with vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin C. Fresh fruit is a much better option than canned fruits that come in syrup.

If you’re dealing with gestational diabetes, it is best to have a chat with your doctor about which fruits are best. Fruits such as grapefruit or berries tend to have a lower natural sugar content making them a good choice.

Dairy Products

Many pregnant women reach for ice cream and yogurt as a common craving. This could well be due to calcium deficiency.

You can avoid these cravings by taking calcium supplements and incorporating calcium-rich foods into your diet. But if you still can not get past your craving at least try non-fat frozen yogurt with fresh fruit instead.

Ice and Nonfood Substances

I know that ice is not technically a food substance but for many women, it is most definitely a pregnancy craving. If you are craving ice it could be that you are suffering from anemia which is an iron deficiency.

Pregnant women crave ice when they are anemic because it helps to relieve the inflammation of the mouth and tongue, both of which are common symptoms of anemia.

Some women also suffer from a condition called Pica, which is the craving for non-food substances. You may crave things like laundry starch, crayons, or dirt.

This could be due to an iron or zinc deficiency and the easiest way to solve these cravings is to load up on food that is rich in both iron and zinc.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos During Pregnancy

crunchy cheetos

Spicy food is perfectly safe to eat while pregnant as long as you do not consume it in excess and cause yourself discomfort through heartburn and indigestion.

If you fancy hot Cheetos go ahead and enjoy them but be mindful that they’re not exactly nutrient-dense. They do contain a great deal of fat and that is why it is advised that they are consumed as an occasional snack and in small portion sizes. 

What Is In A Bag Of Hot Cheetos?

Although hot Cheetos may taste good they do not contain great ingredients that will help to nourish both you and your unborn baby. 

Hot Cheetos contain ingredients such as cornmeal, artificial color, vegetable oil, citric acid, and MSG. Hot Cheetos also provide very little nutrients but a high level of fat which again is not ideal when you are pregnant.

Not the most wholesome of ingredients but they are perfectly fine to have in small quantities or as an occasional treat.

Maintaining a healthy diet while pregnant is essential as your unborn baby consumes whatever it is that you consume. So maybe better to make healthier food choices for both of you.


Does spicy food cause miscarriage?

Spicy food does not affect your baby or pregnancy. But consuming more spicy food than your body can bear can create issues such as indigestion, heartburn, and acidity.

Can hot Cheetos burn a hole in your stomach?

Eating hot Cheetos can cause excess gastric acid in your stomach which can trigger nausea and vomiting. It is possible to develop erosions or bleeding of the stomach lining if enough stomach acid is produced.

Why do I crave hot Cheetos when pregnant?

The Medical profession has compared it to mild opiate addiction. The burning sensation that we get from eating hot Cheetos causes our body to release natural opioids. These make us feel good, well until the opiate is gone and then we need to eat more.

The Final Thought

The truth is that while you are pregnant you can enjoy most foods as long as they are deemed safe for consumption while pregnant and as long as everything is in moderation.

Having a healthy diet while you are pregnant not only benefits your unborn child but also benefits you and hopefully will help you to maintain a healthy weight while you are pregnant too.

So the short of it all is… eat the hot Cheetos, eat the chocolate, eat the fruit and the pizza, just do it in moderation.