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Can You Dye Your Hair While Breastfeeding?

As we watch our bodies go through countless changes throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, it can be nice to still be able to enjoy your favorite looks.

If one of those looks includes dying your hair, you’re probably dying to know whether you can or not. Although most people are concerned about the chemicals, dying your hair while breastfeeding is just fine. 

There Is A Very Low Chance That The Chemicals Will Make It Into Your Bloodstream

The reason that it is considered safe to dye your hair while breastfeeding is because limited chemicals are absorbed by the body.

The chance of them getting into the bloodstream is so low that it’s not a concern. Because they are more than likely not going to make it into the bloodstream, they won’t make it into your breastmilk either. 

Doctors Often Disagree On When You Can Safely Dye Your Hair

There are quite a few conflicting opinions regarding whether it’s safe to dye your hair while pregnant or breastfeeding. This is because, although it is unlikely, there is a small chance that the chemicals can get into your bloodstream.

Some physicians advise that pregnant women wait until the second or third trimester before dying their hair and that it’s fine to dye their hair while breastfeeding.

Others encourage women not to dye their hair until they are done breastfeeding. This has led to a great deal of confusion about when you can dye your hair. 

There Is Limited Research Available

Whether it’s okay to dye your hair while breastfeeding or not does not seem to be one of the priorities for scientists. There are almost no studies on the topic. In fact, research is so limited it’s difficult to find studies and facts to support either side of the argument. 

On the one hand, this can be seen as a bad thing because there is simply not a lot of evidence available. However, it’s also a wonderful thing.

If there were multiple problems from women dying their hair while breastfeeding, scientists would have sprung into action by now. We would have seen it on the news. Hair dye boxes would come with warning labels.

The fact that we don’t see that means that there are not a lot, if any, incidences of negative consequences resulting from women dying their hair while breastfeeding. 

Take Normal Precautions

Although it’s safe to dye your hair while breastfeeding, you do need to take precautions like you normally would. This is especially important if you’re dying your hair yourself at home.

Make sure that you wear gloves. Guarantee that there is plenty of ventilation so the chemical odors are not trapped in the room. 

Additional Precautions To Take When Dying Hair While Breastfeeding

Although there is a very low chance that the chemicals will make it into your bloodstream, there is still a chance. Because of that, there are a few precautions that you should take while dying your hair. There are also precautions that you might want to consider.

Don’t Get Hair Dye On Your Nipples

I know this tip sounds a bit odd, but let me explain. I love to dye my hair. When it drapes over my shoulders, sometimes the hair dye tends to soak through my clothing and get on my chest.

If this innocent mistake happens, it can be toxic to your baby. Use clips, hair ties, and towels to pull up long hair and cover yourself. This will guarantee that chemicals don’t find their way into your new baby. 

Leave The Dye On For A Minimum Time

Although there is a low chance of the chemicals getting into your bloodstream, it can’t hurt to take that chance as small as possible. Make sure to read the directions carefully. Then, leave your hair dye on your hair for the least amount of time possible. 

Make Sure To Rinse Your Scalp Well

When you dye your hair, the chemicals can get into your bloodstream via absorption through your scalp. This is why some people recommend only highlighting your hair.

(When you only dye a strand of hair and don’t put the hair dye on your scalp, there is no chance it will be absorbed.) After you dye your hair, rinse your scalp very well to rinse away chemicals. 

Consider Using Natural Hair Dyes

Natural hair dyes do not contain the chemicals that other hair dyes do. When you use these, you can rest assured that there is zero chance of your breastmilk being contaminated by those toxic chemicals because there aren’t any.

Henna hair dyes remain a popular option. Most beauty supply stores, such as Sally’s, carry them. You can also order Henna hair dyes online. 

Do A Strand Test

Even if you’ve never had to do one, and are using the same hair dye that you’ve always used, you still need to do a strand test.

The hormones that take over your body when you are pregnant can have a drastic impact on your hair. This can result in frizzy hair or hair that doesn’t react the same way to hair dye. 

Even though you’ve already given birth, it takes time for hormones to balance out to previous levels than they were. You can also experience hormonal fluctuations while you are breastfeeding. This is why you should always test a strand of hair first. 

In Conclusion

Dying your hair while breastfeeding is considered safe. If you’re concerned about the chemicals in hair dye, consider using a safer alternative, such as Henna hair dye.

Make sure to use precautions when dying your hair, such as using a pair of gloves and rinsing your scalp thoroughly to help prevent chemicals from being absorbed. 

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