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Baby Boy Peeing Out Back Of Diaper (How To Stop It)

Looking after a baby can feel like a bit of a mystery when you are a new parent. Sometimes your baby will cry even after you have met all their needs and given them all the cuddles.

Your baby will happily sleep in their stroller only to one day decide – for no apparent reason – that they hate the stroller and will only sleep in the sling.

Sometimes baby’s will pee out the back of their diaper and you have no idea how they managed to do it. If your baby boy is regularly peeing out the back of their diaper, keep reading for our advice and solutions. 

If your baby boy is peeing out the back of their diaper, the most likely cause is that his diaper is the wrong size.

If your baby’s diaper is too small, it will not be absorbent enough and their urine will leak either out the side, out the back, or up around their belly button. A diaper that is too big will not always be able to ‘catch’ the urine, causing it to leak.

The best way to prevent your baby’s diaper from leaking is to ensure they are wearing the correct size and you are using a brand that offers reliable absorbency.

Help – Pee Keeps Coming Out Back Of Diaper!

There is nothing more frustrating than changing your baby’s diaper, putting them in a freshly cleaned, cute outfit, and having to do it all over again in just ten minutes’ time because their diaper has leaked.

There is a reason why moms everywhere are carrying around multiple outfit changes for their babies. Diapers leak sometimes and it can be a disaster if your baby is covered in their own urine and you have no clean clothes for them. 

Baby boys are notorious for getting their pee everywhere. Ask any boy mom, you have to change a baby boy’s diaper with super speed to avoid getting peed on, right in the face!

Even once your little one has their diaper on, if their penis isn’t pointed down, they can still manage to pee out the top of their diaper and even out the back too. 

Changing a baby boy’s diaper requires a bit more concentration and skill than changing a baby girl.

Read on to find out why your baby is peeing out the back of their diaper and the steps you need to take to prevent this common (and also annoying) diaper disaster from happening again. 

Why Do Baby Boys Diaper Leak?

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Of course, it is not just baby boys who can have leaky diapers, parents of little girls can have pee-soaked baby clothes taking over their laundry too. However, due to a boy’s anatomy, leaks are more common.

Fear not boy moms, you don’t have to be at the mercy of diaper changes forever, there are steps you can take to try and keep your baby’s pee in their diaper and not up their back and all over their clothes. 

Here is a list of the main reasons why your baby’s diaper is leaking:

The Diaper is too small

If your baby’s diaper is leaking regularly, it might be time to size up. A diaper that is not big enough for your baby will not be able to provide enough absorbency, causing their urine to leak into the waistband or out of the sides.

As your baby grows they will produce more urine and have bigger streams, if their diaper is too small it won’t be able to contain all the liquid.

The Diaper is too big

A diaper that is too big will not work effectively. Your baby’s urine will leak out the sides of their diaper if they don’t have a snug fit. The problem with a large diaper isn’t the absorbency, it is that without a close fit the urine will leak out the sides of the waistband.

His Penis is pointing up

The reason baby boys leak through their diapers more often than girls is down to their anatomy. If your baby boy’s penis is pointed upwards in their diaper when they pee their urine is less likely to go into the most absorbent part of the diaper.

When your baby boy’s penis is pointing upwards their pee is more likely to go up into the waistband of the diaper where there is no absorbency, causing the liquid to leak up around their belly button and onto their back too.

They need to be changed more often

Baby’s need to be changed regularly to keep their skin clean and dry. If you are not changing your baby regularly their diaper is going to leak.

The longer you leave your baby in a wet diaper, the more likely it will be that urine starts to seep out around the waistband and leak out the sides. If you put pressure on a full diaper, the liquid will leak out, just like squeezing a sponge.

If your little boy sits down on a full-to-burst diaper, his pee will leak out due to the compression. Also, if your baby pees again into an already full diaper, the urine will not be able to be absorbed and will leak out onto your baby’s skin and clothes.

If your baby boy is leaking through his diaper, you firstly need to figure out why this is happening and then make changes to your diaper changing routine. Keep reading to learn how to stop your baby from peeing out the back of his diaper. 

How Do I Stop My Baby From Peeing Out Of His Diaper?

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Changing diapers isn’t exactly fun and you don’t want to have to do it more often than necessary. However, if you have a diaper fit issue, you are going to be changing diapers and even full baby outfits because leaks are going to happen a lot.

If you want to stop your baby from peeing out of his diapers, here are some simple steps to follow: 

Use a bigger diaper

If your baby’s diaper is too small it is not going to be absorbent enough and leaks are going to happen.

A diaper that is too small will not be able to contain the larger streams of urine your baby boy is producing now he has grown. This is an easy problem to fix, you just need to start using the next diaper size up.

Not sure if your baby’s diaper is too small? Here are some signs to look out for:

  • There are red marks around the top of your baby’s legs. The marks will be where the diaper circles around the top of your baby’s thighs. 
  • There are red marks on your baby’s belly and back. When a diaper is too small the waistband can dig into their skin. You may notice a red mark in the waistband area when you remove your baby’s diaper. 
  • They weigh more than the weight specified on the diaper packaging. Each size diaper is suitable for babies within a specific weight range. If your baby weighs more than the weight stated on the packaging, you will need to move your baby up to the next diaper size. 
  • The diaper is leaking regularly and you having to change your more baby more frequently to keep them dry. 

Use a smaller diaper

Just as a diaper that is too small can cause leaks, so can a diaper that is too big. If your baby’s diaper is too big, you won’t be able to get a snug fit and the pee will inevitably leak everywhere.

Switching to a smaller diaper will help to prevent leaks. Getting a close fit is really important, your baby will be more comfortable and their diaper shouldn’t leak as easily (resulting in less time wasted changing diapers and onesies – yay!). 

If you can’t decide if baby’s diaper is too big, here is a list of signs to look for:

  • The diaper gapes around the top of the legs. If the material of the diaper is not snug around your baby’s leg, they are wearing a diaper that is too big. The diaper should fit snuggly – not tightly – around your baby’s legs, this helps to stop pee leaking out of the gap.
  • The waistband is loose. If you have a close fit around your baby’s legs but the waistband remains loose, pee can escape out the top of the diaper. 
  • They are not heavy enough yet for the size diaper, you are using. As we mentioned earlier, diapers are made in various sizes and each size is designed to best fit a specified weight range. If your baby does not weigh the smallest weight specified on the diapers packaging, it is unlikely you are going to be able to achieve a proper fit. You will need to start using a smaller size diaper until your baby weighs enough to fit properly into the diapers you are currently using. 
  • The diaper is leaking regularly and you are having to change your baby more frequently than usual to keep them dry. 

Point their penis down

Baby Wearing Diapers Laying Down

If your baby boy’s penis is pointing up towards their belly button when you change their diaper, you are more likely to be changing a wet baby the next time he pees.

Your baby boy’s urine stream will travel in the direction his penis is pointing, if it is pointing up the liquid will end up around the non-absorbent waistband and is more likely to leak out onto their clothes and skin.

To prevent this from happening, point your baby’s penis down when you change their diaper. Aim your baby’s penis down into the absorbent part of the diaper so when they urinate the liquid gets soaked up and doesn’t leak everywhere. 

Signs Baby’s Diaper Fits Properly 

If you have tried all of the above and your baby’s diaper is still leaking, there may be an issue with how you are putting their diaper on. A diaper that is the correct size but is not put on your baby correctly is likely to still leak, despite having adequate absorbency.

Here is a checklist of the signs that a baby’s diaper fits properly: 

  • Your baby is wearing the correct size diaper for their weight
  • The diaper waistband fits just below your baby’s belly button 
  • The waistband fits snugly (not fight and not loose) 
  • There are no gaps between your baby’s thighs, belly, and back, and the diaper material 
  • The diaper covers all of your baby’s bottom 
  • The diaper does not leave red marks around your baby’s thighs, belly, and back 

By following the guidelines above and getting your baby’s diaper to fit correctly and securely, you should start to notice fewer leaks.

If you are still noticing leaks at night, this may be because your baby needs to be wearing diapers specifically designed for nighttime use. If your baby sleeps through the night they could be going over eight hours without a diaper change.

If you have followed all the advice above and your baby still leaks at night, you may need to purchase extra-absorbent nighttime diapers. 


How do I stop my baby from leaking at night?

There are a few things that you can do to try to ensure that your baby stays dry all night long.

  1. Change their diaper just before bedtime.
  2. Use a reliable brand.
  3. Consider going up a diaper size.
  4. Change them in the middle of the night.
  5. Make sure their penis is pointing down.

Do diapers expire?

  The general consensus from two of the leading diaper manufacturers is that diapers do not have an expiration date or even a shelf life.

How do you know when a diaper is too small?

The key things to look for are red marks around your baby’s upper legs and tummy from the elastic in the diaper. Another thing to look out for is if the diaper generally looks a little on the snug side when you put it on your baby.

The Final Thought 

Changing diapers isn’t exactly fun and no parent wants to be doing it more than is necessary. If your baby boy is peeing out the back of their diaper and soaking their skin and clothes regularly, there are several steps you can’t take to solve this problem.

If you want to know how to stop your baby from peeing out of their diaper, we hope you have found all the answers you need in this article. Keeping your baby boy clean and dry isn’t always as easy as it seems, we hope our tips will help you to keep your baby dry and comfortable for longer.