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75 Cute Nicknames For Michelle

Are you looking for a nickname for Michelle? Maybe you have just had a baby girl and called her Michelle, or perhaps you have a niece or friend called Michelle who needs a cute nickname. 

In this article, we will share 75 cute nicknames for Michelle. Some are popular, others are more unique and others are just really darn cute. 

So you are sure to find a nickname to match your little Michelle’s character and personality from our picks.

The Meaning Of Michelle

Michelle has both French and Hebrew origins and is in fact the feminine version of Michael meaning gift from God or who is like God.

One of the most famous Michelle’s of recent years would be the first lady Michelle Obama who has also helped keep the name in the charts.

The name first rose in popularity in the 1940s and was reinvigorated when the Beatles released a love song of the same name in 1965.

They sang Michelle, ma belle – sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble.

Popular Nicknames For Michelle

This collection is a list of tried and tested nicknames for Michelle. You are sure to find a traditional nickname for the Michelle in your life here.

  1. Mish
  2. Mishy
  3. Elle
  4. Mimi
  5. Chele
  6. Maia
  7. Miche
  8. Ella
  9. Michi
  10. Shelly
  11. Shell
  12. Michs
  13. Chell
  14. Micki
  15. Mickie
  16. Melly
  17. Ellie
  18. Chelle
  19. Mich
  20. Mitchie
  21. Mia
  22. Michaela
  23. Shelley

Funny Nicknames For Michelle

Maybe you are the funny one in your group of friends, then surely you must go for a nickname with a bit of fun attached. Here is a list of some of our favorite funny nicknames for Michelle.

  1. Mitchell
  2. Shay
  3. Mishe
  4. Me’Shelle
  5. Mickey
  6. Chelles
  7. Meli
  8. Millie
  9. Elli
  10. Mica
  11. Michelada
  12. Mimmi
  13. Chela
  14. Shelby
  15. Michelski
  16. Mechi
  17. Misay
  18. Shella
  19. Michu
  20. Meko
  21. First Lady
  22. Elmi
  23. Lou
  24. MillyGrace
  25. Seychelles
  26. Michigan

Cute Nicknames For Michelle

If you are looking for something that is a little cuter for a nickname then the next collection may be just up your street.

  1. Misha
  2. Meesha
  3. ChellyBoo
  4. Big Meech
  5. Michy Boo
  6. Ma Belle
  7. Mishi
  8. Michigan
  9. Michy Mouse
  10. Shelly Pelly
  11. Michelita
  12. Michuleta
  13. Miguelita
  14. Chelly
  15. Michy Bear
  16. Milly
  17. Chello
  18. Minnie
  19. Seychelles
  20. Mishel
  21. Midge
  22. Micheline
  23. Shay
  24. Shelby
  25. Mechi
  26. Me’Shelle

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Famous People Named Michelle

It will not surprise you that a name that has spent so many years as a popular name choice for many little girls that there are bound to be some famous namesakes. Here are some of those famous Michelle’s from past and present.

  • Michelle Obama – American lawyer, author, and the former first lady of the US.
  • Michelle Pfeiffer – A legendary Hollywood actress who has played a variety of roles in many different genres.
  • Michelle Williams – American musician who is most famously known for being part of the legendary Destiny’s Child.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg – An American actress who has starred in various TV shows, movies, and even some commercials.
  • Michelle Kwan – American figure skater who won silver and bronze in the Olympics.
  • Michelle Rodriguez – Texas-born actress who is best known for her role in the movie franchise Fast & Furious.
  • Michelle Keegan – English actress best known for her roles in a variety of English soap operas.

International Variations Of Michelle

There are variations of Michelle used all over the globe. Here are some of our favorite variations of Michelle in other languages worldwide.

These international variations can also be used as an alternative to a nickname.

  1. Mikaela – Finnish
  2. Mihaéla – Hungarian
  3. Michelina – Italian
  4. Michalina – Polish
  5. Mihaela – Croatian
  6. Michaela – Swedish
  7. Miguela – Spanish 

The Final Thought

There are some great options for nicknames for Michelle. They range from super cute, to traditional, to the more unique. But nicknames do tend to have a personal element to them and are usually the result of a funny story or event.

Nicknames often reflect the depth of your friendship or relationship with that person. This means that you may have a Michelle in your life with a completely unique nickname that actually has very little to do with her name.

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