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25 Sympathy Gifts for Parents Who Have Lost A Child

Losing a child is a pain that as parents we are just not designed to deal with. We never expect to pass before our children and when it does happen the pain can be unbearable.

No gift will ease this pain, nothing at all. But it will show grieving parents that you are not only thinking of them at this sad time but that you care and are there to support them.

At a time like this, you may be lost for words or you may not know what gift to send to parents that have lost a child. We are here to help and have put together a list of some thoughtful gifts that will show your sympathy.

1. Say It With Flowers

When you have no idea what to say, flowers will help to show parents that you care and are there to support them in their grief.

Some flowers have particular symbolic meanings and are often used in sympathy flowers, such as lilies as they symbolize purity and innocence while pink carnations symbolize remembrance.

Red roses symbolize love and orchids say I will always love you. Even though many people will send flowers you can ensure that yours are personal to the parents by including those flowers that symbolize love, innocence, and sympathy.

You could even include a note saying what each bloom symbolizes.

2. Memorialized Art

This sympathy gift does very much depend on the age of the child that has been lost. But if they are of the age where parents would have lots of their drawings, then this is a beautiful gift.

A parent who has lost a child will cherish every single drawing they have ever done. You can help to preserve these precious items by having them made into a book.

There are many companies online that can provide this service and Artkive are one of them.

3. Custom Pyrography Picture

All you need is a fantastic photo to create a meaningful gift for a parent suffering from loss.

Once you have chosen the perfect image you can then have this burnt on to wood, custom pyrography is a beautiful way to memorialize those that are no longer with us.

4. Charitable Donation

A charitable donation to a special cause or hospital that cared for the child is a great way to honor the life of their child and also to pay it forward in the hope that it will help someone else child.

Maybe they had a favorite hobby or passed from a particular illness, whatever it maybe find a relevant charity and donate in their memory.

5. Wind Chimes

A custom photo wind chime will help to bring peace to a mother or father who has experienced loss. They are symbols to attract positive energy.

6. Keepsake Box

Some of the best memories especially those of children can be best remembered by far more than just a photograph. A memory box or keepsake box is the perfect way to keep all of those precious mementos safe for many years to come.

7. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers are a great way to set the tone in a room. Calm, energizing, relaxing, or reflective, a customized blend will help grieving parents to set the mood.

You could include a range of different essential oils so they can experiment with their own blends.

8. Grocery Delivery

Many people may think that this is an inappropriate gift for grieving parents but I think it is a wonderful gift.

The vast majority of grocery stores now deliver, schedule a time to deliver the basics that they are properly not even thinking about right now.

You could even set a regular monthly or weekly date that is convenient for them so it is one less thing that they need to worry about.

9. Gift Of Time

For a close friend or relative that has lost a child, sometimes having someone around for company is often a great comfort.

You could set up a weekly or monthly date where you go and grab a coffee, lunch, go for a walk, or even just run errands together. Your company and time are some of the most precious and invaluable gifts that you can give to help their healing.

10. Home Essentials Hamper

At such a difficult time many of the items that are essential to running a house are not of high importance to a grieving parent.

You could provide a small basket of household basics such as dish soap, toilet rolls, cleaning wipes, etc. This will give them one less thing to have to think about and also shows that you are thinking of them.

11. A Birdbath

Having a reason to be outdoors can often provide soothing energy. A birdbath in their yard will give them something very simple to tend to.

It will also hopefully attract some beautiful birds to their garden so that they can enjoy a morning coffee, watch the birds go about their business, and reflect.

12. Songbirds

If you are a friend who is good at a little bit of craft a homemade gift is a beautiful offering and really makes the parents feel that you were thinking of them. And what better to craft than a songbird garden decor.

Birds are often seen as a sign that our loved ones are near after they have passed on. This can be a great comfort to those that are mourning.

13. Photo Book

A photo book full of all the great times and memories that they have had with their beautiful child will be a great momentum and something that they can keep.

After death, many people fear that their memories will fade and that they will forget their loved ones. So a collection of some favorite memories is perfect to alleviate this fear.

14. Jewelry With child’s Name Engraved

This is a simple gift that can mean an awful lot to a grieving parent. By presenting them with a necklace with their child’s name engraved on allows them to keep their child with them all day every day. It is a gift that shows you care.

15. Engrave back of fathers watch

Many fathers do not show their emotions or pain as openly as mothers do. So maybe a gift that is a little more private would be a better option for a grieving father. This watch engraving is the perfect gift of remembrance.

16. Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser Necklace

A beautiful pendant with a design of your choice from angel wings to a cross or the tree of life.

It also comes with a meaningful inscription on the rear that reads “Your life was a blessing. Your memory is a treasure.” There are a variety of other inscriptions to choose from.

17. Keychain

The loss of a child can be a difficult road to travel. This beautiful keyring made from quality zinc alloy with the message “I will hold you in my heart until I hold you in heaven” is a reminder that they will see their beautiful child again.

18. Memorial Picture Frame

This is another thoughtful way to show that you care. But more than that it shows them that although they have lost their precious child they will still always be with them in their heart.

19. Amazon Home Services 

This is not only a thoughtful but really practical gift that could help to take some jobs off of the parent’s to-do list. Gift Amazon Home Services so they can arrange to have things done when it is convenient for them.

20. Quilt or teddy bear made from clothes

This is a very thoughtful gift for a parent that is grieving. The bear is completely made out of your old clothes or in this case the child. it will help to give parents the feeling that they still have their child close to them.

21. God calls children angel figurine

This beautiful angel figurine with a note that offers both hope and comfort to grieving parents. it comes in a deluxe gift box with a satin lining. The figurine is made from resin/stone and is around 4 inches tall.

22. Healing thoughts blanket

If you are looking for a gift that will provide comfort and support to grieving parents, this healing thought blanket is a beautiful choice.

Not only does it offer them supportive and healing words when they need it but it also reminds them that you are there for them throughout their grieving process. The blanket is made with high-quality materials that do not shed or shrink.

23. Light and Love flickering led candle

A beautiful metal lantern with an emotive quote inscribed. It comes with a flickering LED candle included. This is a thoughtful and sentimental gift that can be given to parents who are in the mourning phase.

24. Meditation book for working through grief

The loss of a child is catastrophic and of course, this is completely understandable. But as a friend, you can not let them drown in a sea of depression and sorrow. This is a gift that you need to pick your moment carefully.

If you present it too early then they are going to think you are heartless. At the right time, this book will hopefully inspire them to move forward in life, to not forget but celebrate the life of their child. But it will also provide them with some coping strategies.

25. Memorial bracelet

A beautiful bracelet made from high-quality copper is also a great gift for parents who are grieving. The bracelet will never rust, discolor, or tarnish and will always be a reminder of the beloved child they lost.

It also comes with a quote ” A piece of My Heart Live in Heaven.”

Sympathy Gifts Buying Tips

Finding the perfect gift for someone who has just suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth, or parents who have just lost a young child or a grown-up child is a very challenging process.

Parents are grieving and they are hurting and no doubt have many questions as to why this has happened to them. So be very careful when you pick that gift. Here are a few tips to help you get it right

  1. Gifts should be chosen to comfort the parents during this terrible time in their life. But more importantly, it will help them to know that you are thinking of them at this time. This small gesture can mean so much to grieving parents.
  2. Avoid gifts that are too expensive as this may just work as an unnecessary brag. This is not the time to show off anything.
  3. Simple gifts like a moment or a photo frame are quite non-offensive at this time and work well. So if you are struggling to find the perfect gift then these are a great option.

The Final Thought

Losing any loved one can be devastating but losing a child is a catastrophic event for any parent’s life.

And no matter what gift you decide on it will not heal the broken heart of that parent but it does very clearly show that you care, that you are available if and when they need you and this is critical to their healing process.

Grieving parents often feel that people are avoiding them but sending them a small gift shows them that you acknowledge their pain, loss, and grief. This will make it easier for them to reach out to you when they feel comfortable doing so.