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25 Best Spiderman Toys in 2024

Spiderman has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite some time now. His web-slinging action helps take down the bad guys alongside superhero favorites like Iron Man.

His regular life outside of fighting the bad guys gives him a certain appeal, too. If you have a child, you know all too well how appealing superheroes and their awesome powers are, especially a classic like Spiderman.

These are some of the coolest Spiderman toys that your kids will fall in love with as soon as they see them. 

Short On Time? Here Are Our Top 3 Choices

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1. Marvel Hot Wheels Spiderman Car With Web-Car Launcher

This awesome Spiderman toy is recommended for ages 4-8. It’s designed to guarantee that your little one can have some fun.

The car’s eyes can move with a push of the spoiler to help Spiderman focus on his target before shooting a small white car, known as the web-car, out of the larger car to take down enemies. You get all of the web-slinging fun without the mess of cleaning up the web later. 

2. Spiderman Mask With Disk Shooting Gloves

Why buy toys when you can help your little one be Spiderman? This kit comes with a mask, complete with white eyes for the Spiderman look. The underside of the gloves comes with a small disk launcher that can shoot little plastic disks with the push of a button.

If you want to include the cape, that’s another option. You’ll spend an extra five bucks for the cape, but the smile on your little superhero will be well worth it. 

3. Spiderman Legos

Legos are always been a classic favorite toy. There are Legos on the market for anything that your child is a fan of, including Spiderman. Various Spiderman Lego sets are available to let your little one re-create their favorite movie scene, kill the bad guys, and more. 

4. The Best Spiderman Toy For Three-Year-Olds

This Spiderman robot is packed with toddler appeal. The spiderman robot plays music and is on wheels that move and light up. The colorful lights and fun songs are going to guarantee that the toddler in your life is instantly in love. 

Before clicking the buy now button, make sure that you read the description. You need to note that there is no way to turn the music off and keep the lights on. This is not a remote control toy, either. It is not Bluetooth.

Your toddler will still love it, but there are some negative reviews because parents bought it thinking that it was something it is not. I didn’t want you to make the same mistake. 

5. Spiderman Sound Book

A Spiderman sound book is the perfect toy for toddlers and older ages. They can enjoy learning to read with their favorite superhero and push the buttons for sound effects. 

Books are always a great gift, but especially for children. The sooner you encourage your little one to read, the sooner you can help them begin to build a foundation that involves an early love for learning.

When you pick up a book that has their favorite character, little ones are instantly eager to read the book together. 

6. Spiderman Basketball Set

The perfect Spiderman present for your little one that loves superheroes and sports. This over-the-door basketball hoop requires no installation, and your kids can have hours of fun now that they are finally allowed to play basketball inside. 

7. Spiderman Coloring Book

It can be a bit difficult to find Spiderman toys for toddlers. They can’t play with some of the toys designed for older children, but you still want for them to be able to have fun with superhero toys. That’s where coloring books come in. 

Not only are these the perfect Spiderman toy for toddlers, but they also help children develop the fine motor skills that they need. Some coloring books come with stickers for even more fun. 

8. Children’s Spiderman Desk

If your little one loves to color or play with their Spiderman legos, this children’s desk is the perfect thing for them. Your little one can keep everything organized in the small tote underneath the seat, and they have plenty of room on the desk portion to create their masterpieces. 

9. Spiderman Plush

This is another great idea if you’re searching for Spiderman toys for toddlers or babies. These little plushies are adorable. They can last for years, and they’re durable enough to handle being body-slammed by the enemy plushie. Check this one out for your Spiderman fan. 

10. Large Spiderman Plushies

As I’m writing this, my seven-year-old daughter (who does love superheroes) felt the need to inform me that children love large plushies better. She said they’re more cuddly, and they’re more fun.

Per her suggestion, check out this larger Spiderman plushie for your little one. Don’t forget plushies aren’t just Spiderman toys for toddlers. 

11. Spiderman Hoverboard

Hoverboards have quickly become a fun toy. They were the must-have gift a few years ago, and have never dropped off in popularity. This Spiderman-themed hoverboard is the perfect addition to any kid’s Christmas list. This one has Bluetooth speakers and LED lights, too. 

12. Spiderman Action Figure

Action figures are such a classic toy that they deserve a spot on every list. If you’re looking for Spiderman toys for toddlers, you can get them an action figure. Older children love playing with action figures.

Teenagers can put them on display. These toys are so versatile that they are a great option if you simply don’t know what Spiderman toy to buy, too. 

13. Spiderman Web Slinger

If you don’t mind the mess of silly string, this is a must-have. The glove and attachment provide hours of fun and plenty of web-slinging for your little one. 

14. Spiderman Nerf Blaster

If your little one loves to shoot the bad guys but you don’t want the mess of a web-slinger, this is a great option. The crossbow style makes it fun for kids, and it’s perfect for parents that don’t mind Nerf guns. The Spiderman theme guarantees that your little one will love it!

15. Spiderman ATV

This toy is designed for little ones and is one of the best Spiderman toys for toddlers. This ATV is listed for ages 3-7 and can support children up to 88 pounds. It’s the perfect Christmas gift if your kid loves this superhero. 

14. Spider Spud

Mr. Potatoe Head is a classic toy that every kid loves, and now you can dress him up as Spidey himself. This toy has everything you need to create your favorite Marvel character, and it’s compatible with other Mr. Potatoe Head pieces so your little one can re-dress their potato again and again. 

15. Marvel Superheroes Action Figure Pack

If your little one loves superheroes, consider getting them a pack of action figures to get their collection started instead of just Spiderman.

Marvel action figure packs come with Spiderman, and there are a few other favorites included to make sure that Spiderman can fight the bad guys off with the entire team. 

16. Marvel Action Pack

This pack includes Spiderman, Captain America, and Iron Man. Each character comes with their own vehicle too, guaranteeing that your little superhero fan can get them all together to fight off the bad guys. 

17. Marvel Themed Chutes And Ladders

This is another classic game that is themed for every little superhero fan. It features all of your favorite characters from the Marvel universe, including Spiderman himself. 

18. Spiderman Scooter

If you want your little one to get outside and play more, this is the perfect outdoor toy to make it happen. Your daughter or son won’t mind putting down the action figures as soon as they see the Spiderman theme on this scooter.

Please note that this isn’t a scooter for toddlers. The age range is for older children. 

19. Spiderman Stickers

Every child loves stickers! There are so many in this pack that they’ll be heaven with all of their Spiderman stickers. These would make a great reward for little ones. You could even use them with a sticker chart. 

20. Spiderman ps5 Game

If you’re one of the lucky ones that got a ps5 after the release, this is an awesome game to try. The graphics are so amazing it’s unreal. If your kid loves gaming and Spiderman, consider picking up this game for their next birthday.

21. Spiderman Movie

I know this isn’t a toy. I get that we’re all trying to cut down on screen time because it’s bad for children. However, there’s nothing wrong with picking up the new Spiderman movie for family movie night!

Kick back with some popcorn and enjoy this action-packed superhero movie at the house for a night of wholesome family time. 

22. Spiderman Walkie Talkies

These are the perfect toy for a child and their best friend, especially if they both love Spiderman. These work wonderfully, and they’re a great addition to other Spiderman toys, such as a Spidey costume and web-slinger. 

23. Spiderman Costume

There’s nothing that a child loves more than dressing up, and you can turn every day into a crime-fighting saga with a Spiderman costume. These costumes aren’t just for Halloween!

24. Spiderman Mask

Every so often, that costume is going to need to be washed. Then, your little one will need something else to wear in order to defeat the bad guys.

If you don’t want to sneak to wash it at night after they go to bed, or the full costume is just a bit too much in your opinion, consider picking up a Spidey mask. 

25. Flip It Car

These cars are perfect for every age. There aren’t small parts, making them an ideal Spiderman toy for toddlers. Older kids can have fun ramping them up the walls, too. 

In Conclusion

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for Spiderman toys for a toddler or a teenager, I guarantee that there’s something on this list to make their eyes light up. These are the hottest toys for 2024.