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100+ Tibetan Girl Names With Meanings

The Tibetan language is a mix of Tibeto-Burman languages that are primarily spoken in Tibet, Nepal, Sikkim, Baltistan, and Bhutan.

These Tibetan languages are often used in Buddhist literature and have spread into the western world via their Buddhist publications and prayer.

Many Tibetan names have mystical meanings that are both beautiful and even ritualistic. We have put together a list of 100 Tibetan girl names along with their meanings to see if there is anything that sparks your imagination.

Tibetan Girl Names With Meanings


Akar – It means ‘white crystal’ and is of Tibetan origin.

Amala – This name has multiple meanings, ‘the pure one,’ ‘bird, hope, spotless, unpolluted,’ or ‘Goddess Laxmi.’

Assam – A name that means ‘location.’

Amrita – Another name with multiple meanings, ‘beloved,’ ‘full of nectar,’ ‘spiritual holy water,’ ‘immortality,’ ‘nectar,’ ‘cute,’ ‘divine,’ or ‘endless.’


Boshay – Means ‘amber.’

Bhasundara – This is the name for the Goddess of prosperity.

Brag-Srin-Mo – This is the name of the Ancestral Goddess of Tibet.

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Ceba – It means ‘dear to hold.’

Cepla – This name means ‘apricot.’

Chesa – Means ‘greatness.’

Chewa – Means ‘great or powerful.’

Chime – This name means ‘everlasting or immortal.’

Cimba – Means ‘small.’

Choden – It means ‘the devout one.’ Pronounced as CHO-den.

Chodrak – It means ‘dharma sower’

Chodren – A name that means ‘lamb of the Dharma.’

Choejor – A name that means ‘dharma wealth’ and pronounced as CHO-jor.

Chomden – It means ‘overcomes the negative.’

Chophel – A name that means ‘dharma flourish’ and pronounced as CHO-pel.

Chomo-Lung-Ma – A name that means ‘goddess mother of the universe.’


Dawa – Pronounced as DAH-wah and it means ‘moon or Monday.’

Dechen – A name that means ‘health and happiness.’

Dhargey – Pronounced as DAR-gyeh and it means ‘progress,’ ‘development,’ or ‘spreading.’

Diki – Means ‘healthy and wealthy.’

Dohna – A female deity

Dolkar – The name of a Buddhist Goddess.

Dolma – A name that means ‘honesty or pure.’

Dorje – This name means ‘something indestructible that can cut through anything,’ often equated with diamond or thunderbolt. It is pronounced as DOR-jeh.

Dorjne-Nalijorma – The chief Tutelary fo Goddess of Yoga

Duga – Pronounced as DOO-gah but the meaning is unknown.

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Ekadzati – Goddess of the mystic cults and of wisdom.


Garkan – A name that means ‘a game dancer.’

Garma – A name of the goddess of dance.

Gawa – Means ‘joy.’

Gewa – A name that means ‘virtue’ or ‘positive karma.’

Gokarmo – A form of the Mother Goddess

Gu-Lang – The protectiveness of mothers and children

Gyalwa – victor

Gyaltsen – Pronounced as GYEL-tsen and means victory banner.


Hariti – A name that means ‘green,’ ‘name of a Goddess,’ and ‘the protectiveness of children.’


Jalus – A name that means ‘rainbow.’

Jampa – Means ‘loving-kindness’ and the Tibetan name for the Buddha Maitreya. It is pronounced as JAHM-pah

Jampo – A name that means ‘gentle.’

Jamyang – Pronounced as JAHM-yahng and means ‘gentle voice.’ It’s also the Tibetan name for Bodhisattva Manjushri.

Jangmu – Feminine form of Jangbu.

Je-Tsun – A name that means ‘high born.’

Jinpa – Means ‘generosity’ and it’s pronounced as JIN-pah.

Jungney – Pronounced as JOONG-nay and it’s means ‘source or origin.’

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Kalsang – Means ‘good fortune’ and it’s pronounced as KEL-sahng.

Karma – Pronounced as KAR-mah and it means ‘action or deed.’

Kunchen – Means ‘all-knowing’ and it’s pronounced as KUN-chen.


Lasya – A name that means ‘graceful,’ ‘happy,’ and ‘dance performed.’

Leki – A name that means ‘proud.’

Lhamo – Goddess

Lhamu – A Goddess

Lha-Mi – A Goddess

Lha-Mo – A fierce Buddha-protectress

Lhak-Pa – Means ‘Wednesday.’

Lhundup – Pronounced as HLUN-d(r)oop and it means ‘spontaneously accomplished.’

Lobsang – This name means ‘noble-minded’ and it’s pronounced as LO-sahng.


Mida – Pistol

Michewa – Name for one of the heavens


Nele – Hawk

Ngawang – A name that means ‘powerful speech’ and it’s pronounced as NGAH-wahng.

Ngodup – Pronounced as NGO-d(r)oop and it means ‘attainment or accomplishment.’

Nima – A name that means ‘renowned,’ ‘to adjust,’ and ‘to measure.’

Norbu – Means ‘jewel’ and it’s pronounced as NOR-boo.

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Opame – Infinite light


Palden – Pronounced as PEL-den and it means ‘glorious.’

Pema – Means ‘lotus’ and pronounced as PEH-mah’

Phuntsok – Pronounced as PUN-tsok and it means ‘excellence.’


Rabten – Means ‘steadfast’ and it’s pronounced as RAHB-ten.

Rinchen – Pronounced as RIN-chen and it means ‘precious gem.’

Ritvija – Monk

Rinzen – The holder of intellect


Samdup – Means ‘fulfillment’ and it’s pronounced as SAHM-d(r)oop.

Sangye – Pronounced as SAHN-gyeh and it means ‘Buddha.’

Sonam – Means ‘merit’ and it’s pronounced as SO-nahm.


Tashi – Means ‘auspicious’ or ‘fortunate’ and it’s pronounced as TAH-shee

Tenzin – Pronounced as TEN-zin and it means ‘holder of the teachings’

Thekchen – Means ‘Mahayana’ and is pronounced as TEK-chen.

Thokmay – Pronounced as TOK-meh and it means ‘unobstructed’ or ‘unhindered.’

Thubten – This means ‘the Buddha’s teaching’ and it’s pronounced as TOOB-ten.

Tinley – Pronounced as T(R)IN-leh and it means ‘enlightened activity.’

Tsering – This means ‘long life’ and it’s pronounced as TSEH-ring.

Tseten – Pronounced as TSEH-ten and it means ‘stable life.’

Tsewang – Means ‘life empowerment’ and it’s pronounced as TSEH-wahng


Ui-Tango – One of three creator Goddesses

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Wangchuk – Pronounced as WAHNG-dahk and it means ‘lord or mighty.’

Wangdak – Unknown meaning and it’s pronounced as WAHNG-dahk.

Wangdue – Means ‘subduer’ and it’s pronounced as WAHNG-doo


Yama – Pronounced as YAH-mah but is of unknown meaning

Yangchen – The sacred one

Yongten – Virtuous life

Yonten – Means good qualities and is pronounced as YON-ten.

Yum-Chen-Mo – Goddess of wisdom.


Zapa – Friday

Zaya – Victory

Zayah – A beautiful woman

Zenji – Zen master

Zigsa – Snow leopard

Zonpa – Young

Zopa – Patience

The Final Thought

Choosing a baby name can often become a repeat of a few names but there is a whole world of different names out there.

We hope that our list of Tibetan girl names has provided you with a little food for thought and also shown you that there are many options available for your little one’s name.