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PediaSure vs Ensure – Differences Between Them

If you find yourself in the position where you are needing to give your child a nutritional supplement, it can be a little daunting to decide on which one you should offer.

No doubt, you have lots of questions with regard to nutritional content, which is best for your child and how are you going to get them to drink it.

We have looked at two such supplements that are available on the market PediaSure vs Ensure. We’re going to discuss the pros and cons of each and also the differences between them.

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What Are The Main Differences Between PediaSure vs Ensure

Here are the main differences between PediaSure vs Ensure:

  • PediaSure is the supplement that is used for children whereas Ensure is the supplement that is specifically designed to help frail and emaciated adults.
  • The price of PediaSure is usually higher than that of Ensure. 
  • The consistency of PediaSure is that of a shake this helps to make it likable whereas Ensure is not the consistency of a shake and doesn’t taste good either.
  • PediaSure is made and designed to offer appropriate nutrition to children aged 1-7 years old, while Ensure is designed to provide nutrition to adults who are suffering from certain kinds of illnesses.

PediaSure Review

PediaSure Grow & Gain Kids’ Nutritional Shake, with Protein, DHA, and Vitamins & Minerals, Chocolate, 8 fl oz, 24-Count

PediaSure is a nutrient supplement that is specifically developed for children aged 1-7 years old. They are generally used for those children that are extremely fussy eaters who are not consuming a balanced diet.

PediaSure is then used to supplement their diet to ensure that all their nutritional needs are met. PediaSure comes in the form of a liquid very much the consistency of a milkshake.

It is available in a variety of child-friendly flavors making it much easier to get children to actually drink it and even enjoy it.

When children drink this it provides all the essential carbohydrates, vitamins, proteins, and other nutrients that they need. This supplement is also suitable for children who are suffering from some kind of illness or are teething.

Pros of PediaSure

  • This can be a great way to ensure your child is getting the nutrients that they need if they are suffering from a medical condition.
  • It boosts your child’s calorie intake which can help them to gain weight.
  • It helps children gain weight and tastes good so even the pickiest children like it.
  • It is available in a variety of flavors, so you are sure to find one that they like.
  • Pediasure is available in a milk soluble form and added sugar enhances the flavor.
  • It contains a range of trace minerals that are important for your child’s health.
  • Pediasure is a great protein supplement, which will help a child to grow.

Cons of Pediasure

  • If your child has a milk allergy or sensitivity, this is not suitable for them as it contains a milk soluble fiber that could cause allergic reactions.
  • It can cause almost an addiction which means that your child will crave the sweet taste and not form healthy eating habits.
  • Puts your child at risk of diabetes and obesity due to the sugar content.
  • It contains a processed protein that is not healthy.
  • It also contains artificial flavorings.
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Ensure Review

Ensure Original Nutrition Shake with Fiber, 9g High-Quality Protein, Meal Replacement Shakes, Chocolate, 8 fl oz, 24 count

Ensure is a nutrient supplement that is designed for adults who are emaciated, frail, or suffering from certain illnesses.

It comes in a liquid form so even if adults are having trouble chewing solid food or swallowing, they could still consume Ensure to keep up both their calorie intake and nutritional intake.

Ensure is available in a variety of flavors but they are flavors that would be more appropriate for adults as opposed to children.

You must take note that this not designed for children as it has the nutritional content that is suitable for adults and not children. It can cause children to suffer from constipation, diarrhea, and stomach cramps.

Pros of Ensure

  • Contains adequate vitamins and minerals in order to provide good health.
  • If you are unable to chew solid food this provides a complete meal.
  • Available in a range of flavors
  • It is great for consuming on the go.

Cons of Ensure

  • It does not replace a balanced diet
  • It is designed and marketed for adults, not children.
  • It does not contain the nutritional values children require.
  • It is marketed as more of a snack than a meal replacement.
  • Can cause nausea, diarrhea, and constipation in children.
  • There have been instances where children have overdosed on Ensure causing cramps, shortness of breath, and mood swings.
  • Usually not recommended by pediatricians for children.
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Head To Head Battle


PediaSure offers a wide variety of child-friendly flavors including chocolate, vanilla, berry, banana, s’ mores, and strawberry. They are generally the consistency of yogurt or milkshake that a child can easily drink and enjoy.

Ensure’s flavors include milk chocolate, chocolate, strawberry, dark chocolate, latte, butter pecan, and banana nut. These are flavors that are far more likely to be enjoyed by adults rather than children.

Ensure is also the consistency of milkshake but does not taste as rich. It would be palatable for adults, there will be many children that dislike it.

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PediaSure smells like a shake so children are more likely to like it and drink it without a battle. Ensure has a much milder smell compared to PediaSure, so children may be less likely to try it.

Effects On Tummies

PediaSure does tend to be easier on the tummy for the most part although because of its thicker consistency it has been known to upset some little one’s tummies.

Most children can drink PediaSure without any real problems and it will help them to recover if they are frail or sick.

Ensure is not as easy on the tummy and this is due in part to the fact that it contains far more vitamins and minerals as it is designed and manufactured for the nutritional needs of adults and not children.

Children who have drunk Ensure have reported feeling sick, vomiting, and constipation.

Available Forms

PediaSure is available in ready to drink liquid form and also powder form which you mix with water. The formula and nutritional content are exactly the same just in a different format.

Ensure have both liquid and powdered forms exactly the same as PediaSure, but they also offer a high protein version.

Nutritional Content

PediaSure has adequate nutritional content for children that are fussy eaters or are not getting enough nutrients. But it does not fully replace a balanced diet.

Ensure has adequate nutritional content for frail and elderly adults. As you can imagine is very different from that of a small child. It does contain the nutrients that children need but in much higher doses, that is too high for their little bodies to cope with.


PediaSure does tend to be slightly more expensive and is only available in liquid or powdered form. You can save yourself money by purchasing PediaSure in bulk and online.

Ensure is available in both liquid and powdered form but you can also purchase high protein. Even with the extra protein content Ensure is still a little bit cheaper than PediaSure.

The Final Thought

Although on the surface both these products would appear to be very similar, the fact is that they are very different.

PediaSure is specifically designed for children and so contains the correct nutritional balance that they need and comes in flavors that are very child-friendly.

While Ensure is specifically designed for adults and so contains the nutritional content needed by adults which is very different from that of a child.

And although it is available in a variety of flavors, they are flavors that are far more likely to be enjoyed by adults rather than children.