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4Moms Breeze Plus Playard Review For 2024

Traveling with a newborn or toddler can be a great experience for both you and them. But it can also be extremely tiring and yes even a little stressful at times.

So if you’re planning to do some traveling with your little one, one of the most important things that you need to get right is that you have a practical and safe place for them to sleep – convenience is key here!

Now there are thousands of playards or pack n plays available, some come with a huge range of accessories while others are very simple.

The one you choose is going to very much come down to personal preference, budget, and size/weight. We have taken a detailed look at one playard that is available, the 4Moms Breeze Plus.

4Moms Breeze Plus Review

4moms Breeze Plus Portable Playard with Removable Bassinet and Baby Changing Station, Easy One-Handed Setup, from The Makers of The mamaRoo

The 4moms Breeze Plus playard provides parents with the convenience of having a safe and practical place for their little one to not only sleep but rest and play as well. 

If you have ever had this misfortune of arriving at your destination late at night with an already tired, fussy, and wailing baby, to then have to try and set up a travel crib with one hand you will understand that this is virtually impossible.

Do not worry. The 4moms Breeze comes with a simple and quick one-hand assembly. This definitely makes it stand out from its competitors.

The one-hand setup is so good you can even do it while holding your baby in the other arm. 

You just need to stand the playard up and push down on the handle in the middle and it will automatically set itself up. The latches are also automatic and just click into place.

All you need to do is secure the mattress to the bottom using the velcro fasteners and your playpen is ready for use. The entire setup takes less than 2 minutes – a lifesaver for parents with a tired baby or toddler.

Dismantling is as just as easy too. Pull the strap at the center and your pack n play will automatically collapse itself down to a size that will fit into the travel bag included.

As well as the super-easy setup, the 4moms Breeze also comes with a removable bassinet and changer. This makes it not only a perfect travel nursery but also a great addition at home if you are short on space.

One drawback of this playard as well as most others is that it is not machine washable and so can be quite difficult to clean. Check out our guide on how to clean such a pack n play.

Key Features: The Most Spacious Portable Playard

  • Includes a ‘one push open, one push close’ function. 
  • A combination of Playard, bassinet, and flip changer makes baby care easy.
  • The bassinet offers a comfortable place for your baby to sleep.
  • The convenient flip changer is perfect for quick diaper or clothing changes.
  • Bassinet can be removed for older babies and toddlers.
  • Bassinet – can be used from newborn to 18 pounds.
  • Flip changer – can be used from newborn to 25 pounds.
  • Playard – can be used from newborn to 30 pounds.
  • 2 in 1 water-resistant mattress.
  • Includes a travel bag for easy and convenient storage when not in use.


If space is of a premium then the dimensions of the playard and its accessories may be key to whether this is the right product for your needs or not.

  • Bottom Mattress – 40 x 28 x 0.25 inches
  • Changing Station – 22 x 16 x 4.5 inches
  • Bassinet Mattress – 22.5 x 17.5 x 0.25 inches


Dimensions set up 43 x 30 x 29 inches
Dimensions folded for travel 12 x 12 x 30 inches
Weight 23 pounds


  • This is the perfect product if you have limited space as it allows you to have three key products for your child whilst only taking up the room of one.
  • Brilliant for traveling as a convenient travel bag is included.
  • Great price as the playard comes with a bassinet and a changing table.
  • Quick and easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy and very good quality.
  • The bassinet in this set has a higher than average weight limit which allows for longer use.


  • Can be slightly heavy once the changing table and bassinet are attached.
  • The bassinet is positioned width-wise rather than running the full length of the playard meaning if your baby is growing quickly, they could grow out of this quicker than usual.
  • The bassinet and changing table do not fit in the travel bag.
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Who Is The 4Moms Breeze Plus Best Suited For?

The brilliant design of changing table, bassinet, and playard in one makes the 4Moms Breeze Plus a great purchase for people who have limited space as well as those who travel with their little ones.

The easy setup and takedown makes this great for people who travel quite a bit as the playard packs conveniently into a travel bag.

The easy setup also makes this the ideal 3 in one for parents who can’t put together the usual playard because of different circumstances.

As a parent, I have had the unfortunate experience of trying to juggle a tired wailing baby while trying to set up a playard that just doesn’t want to cooperate. This is not the way that you want to start your vacation.

To be honest with you, this playard will suit any parent who wants an easy to setup option when traveling, who wants to start their vacation stress-free, or who simply wants a space-saving option at home.

Setup and Assembly of The 4moms Breeze Plus




Can newborns sleep in the 4Moms Breeze?

Yes! The Breeze bassinet is perfect for newborns and small infants. The bassinet measures 31 by 21 inches and can hold up to 18 pounds.

Can I keep the diaper caddy on when I flip the changing table?

Yes, you can, the diaper caddy does not need to be removed when flipping the changing table.

Is the 4moms Breeze approved for overnight sleeping?

The 4Mmoms Breeze Plus Playard meets all relevant playpen safety standards. The Breeze is intended for playing or sleeping but you should never leave your child unsupervised whilst doing either.

When used for playing, always keep your child in view. When used for sleeping, you must still provide the supervision necessary for your child’s continued safety.

What’s the difference between the Breeze Go and the Breeze Plus?

The Breeze Go does not include the bassinet or the detachable flip changer.

Is the Breeze Plus suitable for twins?

No. The Breeze Plus Playard is not approved for use with twins. Safety requirements dictate a physical barrier must be present between the two children.

Can I use the diaper caddy with the Breeze Plus?

Yes! the diaper storage (sold separately) can be used with all models of the Breeze Playard.

The Final Thought

The 4moms Breeze Plus is a game-changer when it comes to travel cribs and playards. The one-hand setup and take-down allow parents to have a stress-free start to their vacation.

The 4moms Breeze Plus is also a complete traveling nursery as it comes complete with a bassinet and changing station. 

If you still have any doubts why not check out our list of pack n plays and best mini pack n plays.